Pamper your body throughout the year. From moisturizing to slimming techniques and sun care, Clarins has the answers to any questions you might have. Keep your body looking its best with a tailored beauty routine.

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Body Hydration

My skin lacks firmness. How can I firm up the skin on my body?

Clarins brings you all the beauty tips you need for firmer skin on your body: the ultimate targeted beauty routine and a range of firming products!

How can I pamper my feet?

Clarins gives you insight into foot care products designed to perfect, pamper, and relieve everyday tiredness for soft, moisturized feet.

How often should I exfoliate?

Clarins reveals the benefits of exfoliating the skin on your body, and explains the right techniques and products to use for smooth, toned, and soft skin day after day.

What should I do if the skin on my body is dehydrated?

Clarins brings you advice to choose the best body care products and routine to hydrate very dry skin. Here are all of our beauty tips.

What is the best way of moisturizing my body?

Keeping the skin on your body moisturized is an essential everyday step. Clarins brings you all the tips you need to choose the right products and routine to boost moisture levels.

What are the benefits of Clarins’ oils?

Oils lie at the heart of Clarins' expertise. Discover the benefits of essential oils and find the right Clarins oil to suit your needs.

How do I care for my hands?

Caring for your hands is the best way to keep signs of aging at bay. Clarins reveals the secret to soft, blemish-free hands year after year.

How do I prevent dry skin?

Get all of Clarins' advice for caring for dry and dehydrated skin, and discover a range packed with rich, creamy products for total comfort day after day.


Why do I need a neck and décolleté product?

The skin on your neck and décolleté is extremely delicate. Clarins offers firming products designed to pamper the skin and tighten up the delicate skin on your neck.

How do I fight the signs of aging on my body?

As we age, the skin on our body becomes drier. Clarins shares its secrets on taking care of your skin, for a full-body beauty routine!

Stretch marks

How can I erase my stretch marks?

Clarins is on hand to keep you feeling pampered throughout your pregnancy: discover how to erase stretch marks on your thighs or tummy.


Are essential oils the right choice for all women?

Clarins' face and body essential oils are packed with pure plant extract concentrates for a natural beauty solution to suit all women.

Why does Clarins use hazelnut oil in its face and body oils?

Hydrating, nourishing hazelnut makes the perfect base for Clarins' face and body essential oils: read on to discover its benefits.


How can I slim my thighs?

Want to slim down your thighs? Use an anti-cellulite product in addition to embracing a healthy diet and exercise. These three steps are key to the Clarins' approach to slimming down!

What can I do about water retention?

To prevent water retention, Clarins recommends three key steps: a balanced diet, exercise and a targeted slimming product.

Why is it so important to massage slimming products into the skin?

Slimming products should be applied via an anti-cellulite massage technique: the repetitive movements work to stimulate skin tissue and trigger draining.

What can I do about saddlebags?

Want to get rid of those pesty saddlebags? Find the right Clarins slimming product for you, and boost results with a healthy diet and exercise. Here are our recommendations.

Are slimming products truly an effective alternative to laser treatments or surgery?

Slimming products are the gentlest way to banish cellulite, compared to more invasive surgery and laser options. Here are Clarins' tips for handling cellulite.

How do I keep cellulite at bay?

Clarins helps you identify the kind of cellulite you have, so as to choose the right products to banish it. Here are all of our slimming tips.

What is cellulite?

Often the result of an accumulation of fatty deposits (adipose cellulite), cellulite can also be aqueous or fibrous. Clarins explains everything you need to know.

Can massages really help keep cellulite at bay?

Are massages an effective way to erase cellulite? Clarins shares everything you need to know about the anti-cellulite effects of slimming massages.

Do slimming products work?

Do slimming products truly work? At Clarins, the answer is a resounding yes: learn more about our three-step key to slimming down and our range of slimming products.