Do slimming products work?

1. Yes! At Clarins, the science speaks for itself.

For all slimming products such as the Body Fit cellulite gel cream or the Body Shaping Cream slimming cream, Clarins carefully selects the most effective plant extracts and combines them with caffeine for optimum effectiveness. A number of clinical trials conducted by independent experts have shown that Clarins treatments make a real impact on the appearance of bumpy skin and in trimming down curves.

Our customer satisfaction surveys are as positive as they have ever been! As time goes by, you can expect to notice a slimmer figure, firmer, smoother skin and a more sculpted body.

2. Work on improving your lifestyle

For our anti-cellulite products to have the greatest impact, you need to work on improving your lifestyle as well as applying your creams. The most important thing is embrace a balanced, healthy diet and removing all processed sugars and bad fats. Focus on eating vegetables, fruit and plant proteins. Drinking enough water is crucial, too. And finally, make sure you get moving. Aerobic activities such as walking, jogging or running are perfect for shedding the weight.

3. Targeted massages.

To boost product effectiveness, we recommend applying products using massages. Clarins has developed a series of massages to go with each of its slimming products. The goal here is to boost blood flow and lymphatic circulation and to stimulate adipose cells to help them eliminate fat more effectively. Massages help soften up the fibers responsible for hard adipocyte tissue. Whether your cellulite is adipocyte cellulite (excess fat), fibrous cellulite (excess fat retained in collagen fibers) or aqueous cellulite (water retention), take the time to treat yourself to a daily massage. They do wonders for the spirits, too!

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