Why does Clarins use hazelnut oil in its face and body oils?

1. Clarins Oils

It’s now been 60 years since Clarins first launched its famous face and body oils. Originally used in beauty salons, they were then sold sold to the general public due to popular demand. The Blue Orchid, Lotus and Santal face oils and the “Tonic," “Relax” and “Contour Body Treatment” oils each meet specific needs and form an integral part of a comprehensive beauty routine. The oils are a combination of hazelnut oil, plant extracts and carefully selected essential oils.

2. The benefits of hazelnut oil

Our planet abounds with plant oils, but Clarins chose hazelnut oil as one of the primary ingredients in its face and body oils. Hazelnut oil is one of the most stable natural oils available and is filled with benefits. It makes a perfect base for cosmetic formulas, and is particularly nourishing because it is rich in oleic acid. Hazelnut oil leaves skin soft and supple with no greasy residue, and offers a host of benefits that work in harmony with the other plant extracts and essential oils included in each specific treatment oil.

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