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Love Your Skin the Way Nature Intended

Nothing says beautifully likely a radiant complexion—and while nobody’s perfect, Clarins has gathered plants from around the world and combined these with decades of skincare expertise to create highly-effective body and face skincare formulas that target all your skin concerns—gently, the natural way. Good news for your skin and our planet!

But the skincare pioneers at Clarins did not stop there. Each product is carefully designed to not only reveal the beauty of your skin—but to gift every beauty routine with sensory textures and natural fragrances that leave you with a profound sense of comfort and wellbeing.

Face care reveals the best you can be

From the gentlest, dirt-busting cleansers and toners, to leading moisturizers and eye care — Clarins has made bold innovation its signature with pioneering skincare formulas that are constantly being reinvented, and best-sellers that stand the test of time.

Clarins iconic Double Serum formulated with 21 potent plant extracts and inspired by the dual water and oil nature of the skin, is now in its eighth generation and is our most powerful age control concentrate ever — suitable for all ages, all ethnicities, and all skin types.

Pioneer Santal Face Treatment Oil — one of four innovative face treatment oils — remains one of the best ways to moisturize dry skin; while advances in moisturizer for oily skin means that moisturizing the right way is one of the best things you can do for oily skin. Our Lotus Face Treatment Oil is a purifying oil, formulated with 100% pure plant extracts. Lotus, Rosemary and Geranium extracts hydrate, tone and visibly tightens pores. Also enriched with Hazelnut Oil, rich in Omega 9 and Vitamin E, this face treatment oil softens, soothes and seals in moisture—making it the perfect product for oily skin.

As the beauty needs of women change, Clarins continually perfects its body and facial skincare products to keep pace.

Gentle body-loving skincare

Stock up on skin-loving body care, starting with a bath and shower invigorating body cleanser — effective for all skin types but gentle enough to be part of a skincare routine for sensitive skin.

Follow gentle cleansing with a body exfoliator that helps to smooth away dry cells and impurities to reveal your best skin beneath. Now you’re ready to address your skin concerns or simply give your skin a treat with body moisturizers, Clarins luxurious body contouring cream or our iconic 100% pure plant extract body treatment oils that wrap you in a fragrant cloud of aromatic natural botanicals.

Your skin and sunscreen

We know how important sun protection is through summer, but we need to take precautions against any potential harm the sun can do to our skin all year long.

A high quality SPF sunblock—when used along with other measures like wearing protective clothing and staying in the shade where possible—can decrease your risk of skin cancer and early visible signs of skin ageing.

We recommend that you pick your sun protection products based on skin type and lifestyle. Keep in mind that dry skin can be less dry in summer, oily skin can get even oilier in the summer heat, and sensitive skin can be aggravated by the harsh ingredients in many sunscreens. Whether you’re choosing sun protection for sensitive skin or an oily skin type, all Clarins’ sunscreens contain both filters and plant extracts chosen for their ability to gently soothe the skin and minimize the appearance of UV-related signs of skin ageing.