How do I keep cellulite at bay?

Thighs, bottom and arms... cellulite can rear its ugly head just about anywhere. Easily recognisable due to its orange peel-like texture, cellulite makes some parts of your body appear untoned. Got cellulite? Find out how to get rid of it as effectively as possible.

1. Start by identifying what kind of cellulite you have

To get rid of your cellulite, you need to start by identifying the type you have. Adipose, aqueous or fibrous? There are three types of cellulite. To tell them apart, start by pinching your skin. If the pinched area doesn't feel painful and looks like orange peel, it is most probably adipose cellulite, the most common form of cellulite and linked to excess fat. If the pinched area isn't painful and very little orange peel can be seen on the surface, you have aqueous cellulite, linked to water retention. Finally, if the pinched area is painful, hard and looks like orange peel, then you have fibrous cellulite. This long-standing cellulite is caused by damage to rigid collagen fibres deep in the adipose tissue.

2. Body Fit, your slimming trainer

To reduce the appearance of cellulite of all kinds, Body Fit is on hand! This treatment targets orange peel and all types of cellulite. Apply daily as a self-massage treatment for smoother, firmer skin. In just a few weeks, you'll notice your figure looks trimmer and more sculpted.

3. Lifestyle: a key factor

Lifestyle plays a key role in keeping orange peel at bay. If you have aqueous cellulite, prevent water retention in your skin tissue by embracing a low-salt diet with lots of plant proteins. Boost your lymphatic and blood circulation with endurance workouts. Finally, drink enough water to encourage your body to eliminate excess water in your system. If you have adipose or fibrous cellulite, embrace a healthy diet by restricting your processed sugar and unhealthy fat intake and try endurance workouts to burn off excess fat.

There you have it, all the tips you need to banish cellulite for good!

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