Why do I need a neck and décolleté product?

1. Delicate areas

The neck and chest are parts of the body that are as exposed as your face. Both are vulnerable and particularly sensitive to the aging process. The skin on this area is very thin and has no sebaceous glands. Skin on the neck takes a beating every time you move your head, and can quickly start to show horizontal lines. Skin on the chest, meanwhile, can suffer from the weight of your bust, and can start showing vertical lines.

2. Protect yourself

To prevent skin from sagging on the neck and chest, it is important to protect it from the sun. You can add the UV 50 SUNSCREEN MULTI-PROTECTION to your routine. This cream protects skin from UV rays in town, as well as pollution and free radicals. It keeps the skin looking youthful and luminous, and preserves an even skin tone.

3. Fight the signs of aging

To keep sagging skin and wrinkles on the neck and chest at bay, choose anti-aging products specifically targeted to these high-risk areas. We have a broad range of specially-designed products at Clarins. To tone the skin on your neck, try the EXTRA-FIRMING NECK & DÉCOLLETÉ. This is the perfect choice for women under 50, as it works to firm skin from the chin down to the top of the bust. As time goes by, the skin on your neck looks lifted and smoothed. For women over 50, reach for the Super Restorative Décolleté and Neck Concentrate. This cream restores density while fighting off wrinkles and age spots for a flawless neck and chest.

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