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Clarins self-tanners
Don’t wait for the beach to get your tan!

The weather’s getting nicer, so everyone wants their bare legs out, cute summer dresses on, and get a healthy glow!

The prettiest and quickest way to break the chains of winter and get our bodies prepped for longer sunny days is to gently, and with zero fuss, dial up the tan. There’s nothing better to lift spirits before summer than by showing off your nice shapely legs with a golden tone, taking off your jumper and cardigan to find arms with a light tan, and sporting the prettiest grin on your radiant and sun-kissed face. No more pale and dull winter skin! Rubbing on a bit of self-tanner puts the color back in your cheeks. So get out your creams, lotions, tips and tricks and give your body a sun-kissed glow and some freedom to roam! Anyone looking for beautifully golden skin can do it any time of the year without climbing into a tanning bed. There’s a whole line of skin-caressing Clarins self-tanning products that care for your skin. Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster Body, Milky Lotion, Instant Gel: find the right one for you and let the sunshine into your life (without the sunburn)! Moisturize and glow in no time!


How do self-tanners work?

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How do you get a beautiful natural glow or a tropical tan without sunbathing? Depending on your preference, you can achieve a beautiful sun-kissed look or look like you just returned from holiday. When you apply a self-tanner, a molecule named DHA comes in contact with the skin’s amino acids and makes it darker. No more fake orange tinge! Clarins blends DHA with erythrulose in all its products to ensure an even color. This combination ensures an even sun-free glow. Always remember that self-tanning products, whether in capsule or topical form, do not provide any protection from the sun. Melanin is what protects our skin from UV rays. But you absolutely must strengthen this natural protection and protect you skin from the sun with an anti-UVA and anti-UVB sunscreen.

Try not to use monoi oil or low-SPF tanning oils. You won't tan any faster! Clarins Laboratories has developed a wide range of sun protection products that give you a great tan and offer an array of SPF levels to suit every skin type. Lotion-in-Spray SPF 50 or dry-touch sunscreen for the face, these lightweight products offer a soft sunny holiday fragrance that will take your tan to the next level. Soothed golden skin that's highly protected! Self tanners give you a healthy glow without soaking in the benefits of the sun, such as Vitamin D and endorphins. Nothing can replace the great mood you get from sunbathing!

Produits solaires Clarins

Why should you exfoliate your skin before using a self-tanner?

Produits pour le corps Clarins

The best way to make your tan last longer and look better is to exfoliate your body with Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin prior to applying any type of self-tanning product. It contains exfoliating bamboo powder, skin-cleansing moringa extract, plus nourishing shea oil to make your skin totally soft, smooth, and renewed. This scrub polishes and softens the epidermis by eliminating impurities and dead skin cells. It stimulates skin cell renewal and helps diminish the look of flaky skin. Massage the scrub onto damp or dry skin 1-2 times per week, concentrating on rough areas such as elbows, knees, feet and thighs. Rinse thoroughly. Your skin is resilient, infinitely softer to the touch, and ready to absorb any self-tanning products afterwards.

For your face, use Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream twice per week. This peeling cream is formulated with soothing primrose extract to gently eliminate dead skin cells and impurities without microbeads. It leaves the skin soft, smooth and radiant. A simple way to reveal instantly beautiful skin – even for the most sensitive skin types. Your face is radiant and all prepped for a flawless tan.


Why should you moisturize your skin before applying a self-tanner?

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After exfoliating your face to remove as many dead cells as possible, hydrate it to ensure a long-lasting glow. A well moisturized complexion will be that much more luminous and even. Apply a quenching moisturizer! Hydra Essentiel cream deeply hydrates normal to dry skin. Enriched with organic leaf of life extract, it activates the skin’s self-hydrating process. Your perfectly moisturized face no longer feels tight and looks fresh and radiant. Your skin is soft and supple, plus it's ready for a self-tanning beauty boost. Clarins moisturizers have something for everyone, regardless of your age or skin type. Routines that include ultra-hydrating serum boost and multiply the benefits of your cream. Be sure to nourish your skin day and night before applying a self-tanner. The same goes for the body.

Exfoliate and moisturize! Moisture-Rich Body Lotion by Clarins is the perfect moisturizer for the job. This lotion gently soothes, nourishes and moisturizes deeply the skin for an irresistibly silky softness. It relies on plant extracts like shea butter, organic raspberry water, and bitter orange wax to leave your skin visibly more beautiful and younger looking. Your radiant, softened, and invigorated skin is all set for its tan!


How do I choose the right self-tanner?

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Clarins offers many different self-tanning textures suited for everyone’s skin type and preference. Take a look at our range of products and, depending on how much melatonin your skin tone has, choose whether you want the results to be more or less gradual. Each to their own when it comes to taste and tone!

But whichever the texture you choose, remember that your tan won't last more than five days. The tan will slowly fade every time you wash your skin. Lightweight, bracing or velvety, all the textures feel luxurious on the skin and give it an irresistibly golden glow.

You’ll love Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, Instant Gel or Milky Lotion as you apply it on from head to toe! Get a sun-kissed hue for face and body without stepping foot on the beach or exposing your nose to the sun! Add a few drops to your Clarins facial product for a healthy glow all year round: a non-greasy lightweight gel that's barely there for an intense tan in an instant, or a delectably creamy melting lotion that hydrates for 24 hours to bronze, moisturize and gently scent your skin with the smell of summer any time of year! All of the Clarins self-tanning products give your skin a tan everyone will envy!


Which self-tanner can I use on my face?

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They all give you a flawless tan, whether you choose the non-greasy Instant Gel, for immediate results so you can get dressed straight away or the creamy Milky Lotion enriched with aloe vera and organic fig extracts. Always apply them on clean moisturized skin and use occasionally for a subtle golden effect or more often for a darker tan. They’ll become your all-season complexion companion.

For a guaranteed healthy glow all year round, use Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster Body. Just a few drops will do! It works like magic! In the palm of your hand, mix three drops of self-tanner with your Clarins facial products day and night to add some sun to your daily moisturizing or anti-aging routine for a self-tanning effect 365 days a year! Your skin tone will gradually get darker thanks to a made-to-order glow, giving you a sun-kissed look all year long! Apply evenly to the face, neck and décolleté area. The results are subtle and natural-looking, even on light skin! What a gorgeous golden tan! What tropical beach were you sunbathing on?


Which self-tanner should I use to tan my body all year round?

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There’s no season for a tanned body! But in winter when your body is covered up under tights, jumpers and big coats, it doesn’t need a self-tanner as often. Pull out all the stops for events or parties. The perfect opportunity to get a quick tan, spruce up that plunging neckline and beautify your legs with a golden hue. It's sure to be a hit! All of the Clarins self-tanning products, Instant Gel or Milky Lotion can be used every day. But for golden skin all year round without exposing yourself to the sun, mix a few drops of Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body with the moisturizer or firming cream you use on your body.

In a single step, you're adding a daily self-tanning action to your Clarins body cream or lotion. That’s how Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body becomes a part of your daily routine. Moisturize and give your body a gorgeous glow in just a few minutes! A truly natural-looking tan with fast and customizable results that works wonders on any skin tone. No more waiting for nice weather or trekking to the beach to get a tan!


How do I apply my self-tanner?

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Exfoliate and hydrate your skin for a more radiant and even tan. For more occasional use, remember to use a scrub the night before you apply it. The usual way is to smooth it on gently, working quickly with a small amount of self-tanner at a time. Avoid the eyebrows and hairline. You’ll need to wash your hands and nails thoroughly after application. Use the Clarins Self-Tanner Body Applicator Mitt for an even tan and stain-free hands. This incredibly soft mitt is designed to help apply self-tanning products. It protects your hands and delivers flawless results. It’s the essential tanning routine accessory for beautiful evenly golden skin without sunbathing!

Here's one of our beauty tips: Wipe off your elbows, knees and heels because they take on more color. Wait a few minutes before getting dressed as you would after applying any other body cream. Clarins self-tanning products do not stain your clothing. A stress-free way to beautify and get a quick tan!


Which self-tanner is right for me?

I’m looking
utterly fresh
luxurious milky
intense tan
A product
to mix with
my usual skincare
I need:
Self Tanning Milky Lotion
I need:
Self Tanning Instant Gel
I need:
Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster
Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body
I need:
Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body

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