Can massages really help keep cellulite at bay?

1. Cellulite: Fat storage, poor circulation and fibrosis

Three key factors come into play when it comes to cellulite: excess fat storage, poor blood circulation and fibrosis. If your cellulite is related to excess fat, your cellulite is known as adipocyte cellulite. If, however, it is linked to poor blood circulation, you have aqueous cellulite. And finally, if your cellulite is the result of adipocytes being trapped by collagen fibers, it is known as fibrous. In all three cases, but particularly when you have adipocyte or fibrous cellulite, cellulite manifests itself as unsightly bumps on the surface of your skin.

2. Slimming massages, the ultimate anti-cellulite technique

Massaging your slimming treatments into your skin is highly recommended for keeping bumpy skin at bay. Why? Because massages activate fat burning and blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as softening collagen fibers. By massaging your skin, you eliminate water retention and the toxins that cause bloating. To be effective, slimming massages should be carried out using specific techniques. That's why Clarins has come up with a targeted massage for each of its slimming products. To apply the Body Fit gel cream, we recommend carrying out a daily three-step massage. Step One: Reduce heaviness in the legs and thighs by stimulating blood circulation for a lighter feel. Step Two: Reduce volume caused by cellulite by activating elimination of excess water and lipids. Step Three: Slim down your buttocks, hips and tummy by stimulating your body's natural lymphatic draining process.

3. Boost your anti-cellulite massage's effectiveness

To boost the effectiveness of your slimming product and its slimming massage, work on improving your lifestyle. Embrace a healthy diet, removing the processed sugars and bad fats that cause cellulite. Get your blood flowing with sports, especially aerobic activities. And don't forget to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day to help your body eliminate toxins and water retention!

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