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Clarins Foundation Makeup Innovation

Clarins’ foundations do so much more than simply help conceal those little imperfections. By harnessing the natural power of plants and building skincare ingredients into each formula, we’ve made sure there’s a foundation for all skin concerns.

Without doubt, the foundation you use is your most important makeup choice. Choose the best foundation shade and formula for your skin and you’ve created an ideal hydrating and long-lasting base to show your skin tone and other makeup products off to perfection. Don’t worry—Clarins has a range of innovative foundation products that make it easy to pick the one that’s just right for you! Always start with your skin type and find a product that is designed to address your skin’s unique concerns.

Best foundation for dry skin

The best foundation for dry skin should always give you the coverage you need while delivering hydration to the skin. Clarins’ innovative Milky Boost is the first-ever Milk Foundation. It works its magic by using microencapsulation technology to create microbeads that turn into color on contact with the skin. The result? Dry skin now has an ally in the quest for a visibly even, luminous, and radiant-looking complexion!

Applying makeup to dry skin that feels tight and has an uneven or flaky texture can be tricky — but help is at hand! Clarins BB Skin Detox Fluid SPF 25 adds a touch of lightness to skin that may feel stifled by a full coverage foundation. This fluid has a breathable texture and natural coverage that helps visibly even out and hydrate skin.

The best foundation for mature skin

We all want to hold onto our complexion’s youthful glow for as long as possible. Clarins has created Everlasting Youth Fluid with Skin Tone Optimizing Complex that works hard to conceal the appearance of age spots and imperfections. Plant power extracts of Chicory and Red Jania help boost the visible luminosity and radiance of mature skin, or any complexion that could use a little pick-me-up.

Best foundation for oily and combination skin

All too familiar with makeup that runs and oil slicks? The good news is that Clarins’ Everlasting+ Compact Foundation really works for oily skin. It’s also a great foundation for combination skin.

While each formula can be used on all skin types, we’d recommend this silky, ultra-matte and long-wearing formula for oily or combination skin. It helps conceal visible imperfections in just seconds without looking cakey. The soft, fine texture melts into the skin while letting it breathe for a feeling of comfort throughout the day—your complexion’s best chance against sweat, heat and humidity!

If your sunscreen routine leaves a greasy and oily finish on your skin before you’ve had your morning coffee, Clarins UV 50 Sunscreen Multi-Protection Tint comes to the rescue. Formulated with Clarins’ Anti-Pollution Complex and Broad Spectrum SPF 50—this silky, oil-free, tinted daily sunscreen helps to conceal imperfections, and protect your skin from the aging effects of the sun without dialing up the oil!

Choose the right applicator

Whether you prefer powder, cream, or liquid foundation, Clarins recommends using the right brush for the job. If you want full coverage, try the Flat Foundation Brush — its super-soft bristles and rounded tip help to achieve a smooth, even base. Looking for a more seamless, natural finish? The Multi-use Foundation Brush has fanned bristles that create a subtle, nude look without caking. If you prefer liquid foundations, you can also use your fingers!