How do I prevent dry skin?

1. Why does my skin feel dry?

Does your skin feel taut and uncomfortable? Does it feel itchy and tight? You undoubtedly have dry skin lacking in water and lipids. This deficiency prevents your skin's hydrolipidic film from protecting the surface of the epidermis. Your skin becomes more sensitive to external factors as a result. Cold weather, a spike in pollution levels, and biting winds can all do significant damage when your skin is in this state. It loses its suppleness, feels tight and rough, and redness appears on the surface.

2. Treat your skin to gentle pampering

What should I do if my skin is dry? Your priority should be babying your skin to help it restore its hydrolipidic barrier. Morning and night, start your beauty routine with an ultra mild facial cleanser. The Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs for Normal or Dry Skin is ideal for removing make-up and impurities as gently as possible. Use your fingers rather than cotton pads or wipes, which can alter your skin's natural barrier. Once your skin is cleansed and dry, apply a rich moisturizer. Once or twice a week, you can also treat your face to a full-on moisture bomb with the SOS Comfort Mask for dry skin. In just 10 minutes, the mask's oil- and mango butter-based formula leaves skin soft and hydrated. For the body, use a gentle body wash with a neutral pH. Then apply the Tonic Body Treatment Oil: its 100% plant extract formula is perfect for nourishing the skin and restoring elasticity.

3. Make some changes to your lifestyle!

For healthy skin, remember to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. This is key to ensuring optimum hydration levels and giving your skin the moisture needed. Also avoid stressing your skin out with air-conditioning and heavily polluted locations as much as possible.

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