Why is it so important to massage slimming products into the skin?

1. Massaging boosts blood circulation.

When you apply a slimming product, we recommend you use a targeted massage technique to get the very best results. Why? Because fat and water are retained in part because of poor blood flow and lymphatic circulation. An anti-cellulite massage stimulates circulation, thus encouraging the excess water and toxins responsible for fatty deposits to drain.

2. Introducing the Body Fit self-massage by Clarins.

Drawing on its expertise in salon skincare and cosmetics, Clarins has developed several effective self-massage techniques. The Body Fit cream-gel tackles the three cellulite types (adipose, aqueous, and fibrous), and using a three-step self-massage technique will achieve the best results. Step One: stimulate blood flow for lighter feeling calves and thighs. Step Two: reduce excess volume caused by cellulite by activating the elimination of excess water and lipids. Step Three: sculpt the area around the bottom, hips, and tummy by stimulating the body's natural lymphatic draining reflexes. When combined with the Body Fit formula's active ingredients, this anti-cellulite massage erases dimpling. The skin is left taut and toned; curves are sculpted and smoothed. Treat yourself to one massage session per day for the desired results. If you exercise, massage in your cream before your workout to enhance its slimming benefits.

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