I have dry skin. Which foundation should I use?

1. Dry skin: A tricky skin type when it comes to make-up

Highly sensitive due to a lack of water and lipids, dry skin feels tight and is often uneven in texture, making it difficult when it comes to make-up. Tricky, but not impossible! Firstly, it's essential you hydrate your skin in depth before moving on to your base. Try soothing your skin with the SOS Comfort Mask. In just 10 minutes, this ultra-nourishing face mask leaves skin soft, supple, comfy and ready for anything.

2. A moisturizing foundation

Once your skin is nice and hydrated, what's the best foundation to choose for dry skin? It's crucial you reach for a moisturizing foundation, and the good news is that all Clarins foundations are hydrating! You might like to try the EVERLASTING YOUTH FLUID which hydrates the skin and fully restores your complexion’s youthful glow.

*Testing carried out on 12 women.

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