How should I apply my foundation?

It's not always easy to apply your foundation perfectly. Streaks can happen without you even realizing it, or you may inadvertently make it look cakey. So how do you avoid these pitfalls? Thanks to Clarins' top application tips, you can learn the right techniques to use for a flawless finish—even when you're in a rush.

1. Choose the right applicator!

To apply your foundation correctly, you first need to choose what you want to apply it with. Whether you prefer a powder, cream or liquid, Clarins recommends using the right brush. If you want maximum coverage, try the Flat Foundation Brush. Its super-soft bristles and rounded tip help you achieve a smooth, even base. Looking for a more seamless, natural finish? Apply your foundation with the Multi-Use Foundation Brush. Its incredibly soft, fanned bristles create a subtle, nude look without caking. Note that if you prefer liquid foundations, you can also use your fingers! By following these tips, you'll get results that look as good as if you'd applied your foundation with a sponge or synthetic brush.

2. Get the right technique with Clarins' tutorials

To apply your foundation perfectly, take a few minutes to watch the Clarins tutorials on using your brush or fingers to apply your base. Whatever you prefer, always start by moisturizing your skin before applying your make-up. Your moisturizer works as an excellent primer and makes it easy to apply your foundation evenly. Another tip for you to use: Once you've blended in your foundation using your preferred method, set it in place by lightly patting your hands over your face. Your body heat helps to make an even application! Ready to show off flawless skin?

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