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What is the best way to cleanse my face?

What is the best way to cleanse my face?

Cleansing your skin is the very first beauty step of the day

It’s a habit we learn very soon. Washing our face is a hallmark of purification. A little soap and water to clean off bits of jelly or chocolate from the corners of our mouths. We learn to get rid of anything that’s dirty, impure, so our skin is neat and clean. Cleansing ourselves gradually becomes a daily ritual of proper hygiene and self-care. To eliminate traces of makeup and let the skin breathe. It's such second nature that we forget what makes it important. It’s a ritual that should be done slowly. Taking the time every day to cleanse yourself with care, even if you did not wear any makeup, just for the health, cleanliness and beauty of your skin.

Having beautiful skin means knowing how to cleanse your face by completing every step of the cleansing process. It’s a routine to follow morning and night to begin and end the day with beauty.

01 How should the skin defend itself against environmental stressors?

How should the skin defend itself against environmental stressors?

Your face is the part of the body that’s most exposed to environmental stressors

The skin on your face is out summer to winter, day and night. Damage caused by pollution, sun rays, dust, stress, etc. Impurities of all kinds land on the surface of the face clogging up pores and stopping the skin from breathing and looking radiant.  

Foundation, eye makeup or lipstick add an extra layer to the face. The Clarins makeup line combines skincare with color, hydration with pigments, being kind to the skin with making it beautiful.

Wearing makeup always requires extremely thorough cleansing. Clarins cleansers make it easy to eliminate every trace of makeup. It's a must for cleansing the skin to free up pores and give it back a clean, healthy glow! Let it renew itself through the night before another day of being overexposed!

02 How do you get baby-soft skin?

How do you get baby-soft skin?

Once or twice a week, your skin needs to get rid of dead skin cells

Exfoliating the skin requires using a facial scrub.

The Clarins line of exfoliating products provides a range of exfoliators for all skin types. A bead-free peeling cream, an extra gentle refreshing scrub, a purifying gel scrub for combination to oily skin, a nourishing oil scrub for dry skin.

A variety of textures to address every need. Exfoliate to effortlessly eliminate dead skin cells, unclog pores, smooth and purify the skin’s surface.

Once your skin is glowing, soft and comfortable, it is ready to soak in the goodness of the Hydra-Essentiel products for hydration perfection. Exfoliate and moisturize!

03 What is the reason for thorough cleansing?

What is the reason for thorough cleansing?

Regardless of your skin tone or age, the epidermis needs to be neat and clean

The first step in your beauty routine should always be to meticulously clean the skin, even if you're not wearing makeup, before moisturizing so it can then take in an anti-aging face product.

Even after a night of sleep, it needs to be cleansed of overnight contaminants and excess sebum so it can greet the day fresh and clean, and looking luminous. It is important to get rid of all the impurities so the skin is able to fully reap the benefits of the natural active ingredients in moisturizers, anti-wrinkle day and night creams, eye treatments for dark circles and puffiness, etc.

As an expert in face skincare, Clarins has developed a complete line of anti-aging products for all issues related to the skin's natural aging process. They contain ingredients that address problems like wrinkles, lack of firmness, sagging skin, a dull complexion and low radiance. To be as effective as possible, your skin must be thoroughly cleansed and free of makeup.  

Cotton pads, lotion, micellar water, cleansing oil, toning lotion, etc. Come discover all the Clarins cleansers!

04 How to choose a cleanser?

How to choose a cleanser?

The skin works day and night to secrete sebum and renew its cells

For a quick cleansing solution morning and evening, Cleansing Micellar Water cleans all types of skin in one step. It has a light texture that feels like a splash of cool water on the skin and it delivers skincare. Use this water-based cleanser to cleanse the face, sensitive eyes and lip makeup. Micellar water refreshes the skin with beauty and care.

For women who want a cleanser that offers gentle soothing, Clarins experts recommend Velvet Cleansing Milk. It has a rich creamy texture that caresses your face with a veil of velvety softness. This milk is perfect for carefully cleansing the delicate eye and lip areas, leaving no traces of makeup behind.

The latest addition to the Clarins cleanser range is Total Cleansing Oil, a blend of all the benefits of a facial oil and a high-precision cleanser. Specialist in Face Treatment Oils, Clarins has focused all its expertise on creating a new cleansing concept called aroma-phyto care. People who use long-wear or waterproof makeup are in love with this oil. Like a creamy cloud, it releases all the sensory goodness of an oil in a breakthrough cleansing product. They can’t get enough of it. To try it is to love it! 

05 What is a good water-based cleansing routine?

What is a good water-based cleansing routine?

Clarins innovates cleansing skincare routines with its line of gentle foaming cleansers.

These foaming cleansers purify, hydrate, and soothe to clean all types of skin. Enriched with alpine herbal extracts from Domaine Clarins and formulated with the Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex, they feel like a fresh cool breeze on the skin.

Combination to oily skin is purified with properties found in organic meadowsweet. Normal to dry skin loves the softness of organic aloe vera. Extremely dry or sensitive skin craves the richness of shea butter and soothing chamomile that drench the skin in amazing comfort.

Every skin type has its own cleanser. So gentle, so foamy! A small technological marvel of softness, New Gentle Renewing Cleansing Mousse regenerates the skin and brings out all its beauty. The potent AHA acids in tamarind pulp helps better eliminate dead skin cells and act like a natural peeling treatment that releases all the stubborn impurities from the skin to create a more radiant complexion. This is major spring cleaning!

06 What are some tips for flawlessly cleansing the skin?

What are some tips for flawlessly cleansing the skin?

The Clarins Beauty School regroup all our step-by-step guidelines for achieving salon-quality cleansing. In your own home, you can use the same pro skincare techniques applied at Clarins Spas.

Top off this cleansing skincare routine with toning lotions formulated for every type of skin. They supplement the action of your cleansing product and leave your skin feeling delectably fresh. Using a lotion is an excellent way to prepare the skin to maximize the benefits of moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams or anti-aging products. No more dilated pores.

Tight skin is now history. Long live lotion! Skin is more beautiful, softer, and fresher. Pro tips!

07 What are some beauty tips for gentle cleansing?

What are some beauty tips for gentle cleansing?

We recommend cleansing without irritating

Use your fingers to apply the cleanser instead of cotton pads or makeup remover wipes. Clean your face in the most natural way possible. Soap, foaming products, scrubs, etc.

Your fingertips clean without causing any harm. This leaves the epidermis stronger and better protects the hydrolipidic layer. It’s less aggressive on the face and gentler on the planet! It's a win-win. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. Nice and gentle, please!

08 What is the best way for men to cleanse their skin?

What is the best way for men to cleanse their skin?

Cleansing is more common among women, but men shouldn’t forget about clean skin

The line of ClarinsMen cleansing products facilitates daily cleansing for the face, body, and hair. They contain a patented combo of benefits from organic bison grass and gymnema extract that energizes and stimulates the skin in seconds.

The ClarinsMen Active Face Wash purifies and detoxifies, plus it's great for any age and skin type, even sensitive skin.

Pro tips: Use the 2-in-1 ClarinsMen Exfoliating Cleanser to whip your complexion into shape, and eliminate blackheads, blemishes, and ingrown hairs. This foaming cream contains sloughing microbeads that clean and exfoliate the skin with just a few circular motions over the face.

Bonus tip: It is especially recommended for men with stiff beards. Healthy cleansed skin is easier to shave. Get it in this gift set for the perfect guy!

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