What are BB creams?

BB creams are a beauty must-have for women on the go, combining the benefits of skincare and make-up. Short for Blemish Balm Cream, BB creams are tinted formulas that offer a glowing, even complexion in seconds. Flawless skin within easy reach!

1. The rise of BB creams

BB creams were invented by German dermatologists to help heal and conceal scars caused by plastic surgery. But their widespread popularity began in Korea, where they became an overnight success, hailed as the ultimate beauty product for women aiming for a flawless complexion. Today, BB creams are a beauty staple around the world and an essential product in every beauty addict's make-up bag.

2. What are their skincare benefits?

Using the BB Skin Detox Fluid means treating your skin to a 3-in-1 beauty formula. The skin's glow is boosted thanks to the high-coverage texture packed with 3D radiance pigments designed to instantly blur imperfections.

This BB cream also offers the skin triple protection thanks to its anti-pollution complex, UV filters, and a derivative of antioxidant tocopherol.

3. How effective is it as make-up?

A BB cream works to perfect your skin: your complexion is left even, radiant, and glowing. Small imperfections are blurred and perfectly concealed with no mask-like effect. Baby smooth skin in the blink of an eye!

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