Are self-tanners the way to go for a natural,
sun-kissed glow?

1. Self-tanner: The best way to achieve a gorgeous, golden glow

Can self-tanners ever look natural? Self-tanners give you a summery glow all year round, without the harmful effects of UV rays. Unlike tanning booths, self-tanners are kind to skin, tinting your complexion naturally thanks to DHA, a molecule that browns skin when it enters into contact with amino acids on its surface. Clarins uses DHA in combination with Erythrulose for a perfectly even color. Clarins self-tanners keep you looking golden and glowing throughout the year.

2. The different types of Clarins self-tanners

Clarins offers a range of different self-tanners. For a light, natural and gradual tan on your face, add a few drops of the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster to your day or night cream. For those who feel nervous when it comes to applying self-tanner, the Liquid Bronze Self Tanning is a good choice. Easy to apply, its tinted formula prevents streaks and patches. In just a few hours, your skin takes on a bronzed glow, even on the lightest of skin types.

3. The secret to flawless application

We strongly advise you exfoliate your skin before applying self-tanner. Why? Because exfoliating removes dead skin cells, ensuring your self-tanner will last longer on the “new” skin underneath.
For an extra helping of glow, remember to moisturize the areas where you apply self-tanner.

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