What kind of sun protection should I use for my child?

Summer vacation is nearly upon us, and that means trips to the beach, swimming at the pool, and playing outdoors! Your children can't wait, and neither can you. But what kind of sunscreen should you be packing in your suitcase to keep their skin protected from the sun? A cloudless sky may feel like summer, but it can also mean painful sunburn, especially for younger skin. How can you avoid the worst? Answers below...

1. Children's skin: Ultra-sensitive

Did you know... Children's skin is three times more sensitive to UV rays than ours. The reason for this is simple: Young skin is much thinner than adult skin. This means it needs extra protection, even if your kids stay fully dressed or in the shade. Nothing stops UV rays on a mission! Sunglasses, hats and umbrellas are powerless to stand in their way. It's crucial you choose effective sunblock to protect their skin throughout the summer. For optimal protection against UVA and UVB rays, choose an SPF 50+ sun lotion or sun cream.

2. Play it safe and keep your children out of the sun

The best sun protection for children? Keeping them well out of the sunshine! Children absorb around three times more UV rays than adults because their skin is so thin and delicate, and their pigmentation system isn't fully matured. They should be protected from the sun as early as possible. Children under three should never be exposed to the sun, and should be kept in the shade under an umbrella or in a stroller. Children over three should be equipped with an umbrella, hat, sunglasses, T-shirt and SPF 50+ sunscreen. Never let children out in bright, sunny conditions and keep them protected from the sun when outdoors. Apply Very High Protection SPF 50+ formulas to their face and body and don't forget to reapply regularly—at least every two hours and after every dip in the pool or sea!

Enjoy your vacation!

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