How do I choose the right UV protection level for me?

Whether you're planning a vacation or the weather is warming up, it's time to get out and about in the sun. Here's how to choose the right UV protection to put your mind at ease and keep you safe.

1. What is UV protection?

Whether it's 20, 30 or 50, all sun protection products come with a number: their UV protection level. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) refers to the level of protection a product gives you against UVB rays. In French, you may see other acronyms used on packaging, such as IP (Indice de Protection) or FPS (Facteur de Protection Solaire). Whatever the term used, the assessment method for protection levels and the resulting number are always the same. The SPF number shown on sunblock products refers to the amount of time you have before you can expect to experience sunburn. With an SPF 30 sunscreen, for example, skin is protected 30 times longer than if you applied no cream at all.
The higher the factor, the higher the protection against UV-related damage. SPF 30 products are officially considered to be "high protection,” while SPF 50+ products are "very high protection.”

2. Which SPF should I choose?

When it comes to the sun, not all skin is made equal, and different SPFs are required. Skin types are categorized based on their sensitivity to the sun and their resulting phototype. The lighter the phototype, the more sensitive skin will be to the sun. If you have very fair skin, always reach for SPF 50+ products and avoid spending too long in the sun. If you have fair skin that tans, or olive skin, SPF 30 should be sufficient. At Clarins, we make protecting and caring for skin our priority, which is why our range of sunscreen products are only available in SPF 30 or SPF 50+ formulas.

For your face, pick the formula you prefer: either the Dry Touch Facial Sunscreen SPF 30 or 50+. When it comes to protecting the skin on your body, the Sunscreen Body Cream SPF 30 offers complete protection without white streaks. And last but not least, the Sunscreen Body Lotion Spray SPF 50+ is perfect for easy application and won't leave white streaks thanks to its handy spray format.

Note: Even if you use the highest SPF available, don’t stay in the sun too long and reapply sunscreen every two hours and after swimming.

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