How do we choose the ingredients for our products at Clarins?

Iris Florentina

Clarins has always sought inspiration in nature to offer our customers premium products, drawing on natural and plant-based ingredients with an emphasis on safety, effectiveness, and tolerance. Here's how we do it.

1. Prioritizing safety

We meticulously comply with international cosmetics regulations when choosing the ingredients that go into our products. For each ingredient used in our formulas, we assess its impact on health, the environment, and society. These studies allow us to pick and choose our ingredients, ensuring we only work with the safest and most effective, while sometimes leading us to blacklist some ingredients. Our phyto-chemistry, biology, and toxicology experts are constantly on the lookout for new scientific studies that might cause us to reconsider using a specific ingredient.

2. Prioritizing plants and the natural world

Cosmetic formulas contain a variety of different ingredients (active ingredients, excipients, texturing agents, fragrances, preservatives) that may be natural, meaning they are sourced from elements that occur in the natural world such as plants, or synthetic, meaning they are created through technological processes. Thanks to our expertise in plants, our laboratories prioritize working with natural or plant-based ingredients. Whether natural, plant-based, or synthetic, each and every Clarins ingredient is selected based on a stringent set of assessments regarding safety, tolerance, and effectiveness. If a synthetic compound is safer, more effective, or shows better tolerance levels, Clarins will opt for it over its natural equivalent.

3. The right concentration for maximum effectiveness

Our products are designed to meet our customers' needs and their expectations in terms of product effectiveness. Before being incorporated into our formulas, each active ingredient is carefully examined by our biology experts to assess how effective it is. Next, our formulation experts work to determine the exact concentration level for the active ingredient to deliver maximum results to the skin. And finally, throughout the development stage, all of our formulas containing these active ingredients are subjected to over 250 tests to monitor their effectiveness and safety. Dermatologists then assess them, confirm skin tolerance, and certify them as safe to use.

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