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Which anti-wrinkle cream should I choose?

You braced yourself for it, but the appearance of the first wrinkles or fine lines on your face is never easy to handle...
Like your first gray hair, your first wrinkle is not for sensitive souls!

No reason to panic, Clarins Labs have been developing anti-wrinkle and anti-aging skincare products for over 60 years by unlocking the powers of plant extracts from every corner of the world. Every facial product solves a specific issue that women encounter during their lives. Anti-aging serums, anti-wrinkle creams, eye creams, oils and lotions bursting with botanical extracts steeped in cosmetic properties.

Cutaneous aging, pollution, sun, and stress all contribute to the appearance of wrinkles
Like signs of the passing time, they furrow your forehead, form ridges, appear on your neck and around the lips, line the area around your eyes. Starting at the age of 30, choose an anti-aging cream or a targeted skincare routine to fight back and reduce wrinkles on your face.

Depending on your age and type of skin, every anti-wrinkle treatment gives your skin the hydration, firmness, density, and radiance it lacks. Smile, Clarins makes life more beautiful!

01 Which anti-wrinkle cream stops the first signs of wrinkles and fine lines?

Which anti-wrinkle cream stops the first signs of wrinkles and fine lines?

To reduce the first signs of aging, results of a hectic lifestyle, long bouts of stress, and not enough sleep Clarins Laboratories created the Multi-Active skincare line with wild teasel extract. This plant has revitalizing antioxidant properties that fight free radicals. It’s a natural equivalent to retinol. Day and night, these skincare creams protect your skin’s youthful appearance by hydrating it and helping it fight back new wrinkles and fine lines starting at the age of 30.

Multi-Active day cream boosts your skin’s natural radiance for a healthy glow effect and a face that's rested and smoother. Sleep soundly at night knowing your face is in good hands with Multi-Active Night cream that supplements the hydrating action of the day cream.

It’s not a dream...your skin is visibly smoother, more beautiful and revitalized in the morning! Finish off your hydrating routine with Total Eye Revive to moisturize and relax this delicate area of the face and stop premature aging.

A hydrating treatment that fights wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, and signs of fatigue in the blink of an eye! Beauty tip: Make your youthful looks last as long as possible by applying Double Serum every day before your Multi-Active cream. A cocktail of botanical active ingredients from a handpicked selection of plants that nourish your skin with vitamins, kickstart hydration and prep it to soak in your moisturizer. You simply must try it!

02 What complete anti-wrinkle properties do I need after 40?

What complete anti-wrinkle properties do I need after 40?

In our 40s, the epidermis starts becoming less firm

To fight all signs of sagging skin, crow's feet, laugh lines, frown lines, loosening jowls... the anti-wrinkle products in the Extra-Firming expert skincare line firm up the skin day and night and smooth out the eye area to reduce the appearance of age-related wrinkles, fine lines, undereye bags and dark circles.

Extra-Firming Day uses an exclusive formula based on kangaroo paw and organic girdlepod extract to combat lack of suppleness, firmness and radiance. Extra-Firming skincare is made for all types of skin (dry, normal) and comes in a protective SPF15 version.

This age-defying action visibly regenerates your features by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and re-sculpting the face. Your complexion comes alive with a boost of radiance and your youthful tone is restored!

Clarins tops off the Extra-Firming line with new Extra-Firming Energy, for women over 40 whose primary concern is a lack of radiance and a dull complexion that’s masking their face. A vitamin blast for the skin with goji berry extract, plus firming and anti-wrinkle action to boost!

Beauty tip: To maximize the effects of your day cream, apply Extra-Firming Botanical Serum for its dual lifting effect. This concentrated action increases the firming and toning properties of day or night creams.  For an instant sensation of wellness and in order to spread the product more evenly, cover your whole face with your hands. The Clarins exclusive application methods drain and stimulate your face’s natural circulation and maintain its firmness. Smooth. Lift. Firm. This beauty routine gives you the firm upper hand!

03 How do I address my skin's special needs after 50?

How do I address my skin's special needs after 50?

In your 50s, the skin’s natural aging process results in a lack of density

This is the time of life when menopause-related hormonal changes start upsetting the density/radiance balance. Your skin is weakened and needs Clarins Density Expertise to offset this loss.

At 50, women can be super hard on themselves when it comes to beauty, so turn to the Super Restorative anti-aging skincare line to ensure you’re getting specially formulated treatments that tirelessly fight loss of density and visible signs of cutaneous aging. Enriched with organic harungana extract from a fair-trade source that promotes collagen synthesis for firmer skin, these formulas for the face, lips and eye area visibly reduce deep wrinkles, lift the face, and fight back cutaneous aging.

Super Restorative Day and Super Restorative Night Creams are a powerful remedy that replenishes your skin at every level. Brightened by natural radiance, your face glows with health. To intensely re-sculpt and redefine the facial contours and shape, multiply the benefits of your day cream by applying Super Restorative Remodeling Serum.

Get the most from this age-defying volume innovation by Clarins to maintain a balanced fullness and fade the first appearance of age spots. All-over volume results to restore symmetry to your face. To make your skin glow, Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream is the beauty treatment that revives a rosy complexion.

A triple combo of exfoliating hibiscus sabdariffa flower acids help chase away the gray complexion and smooth the skin's surface, illuminating pearl and replenishing organic harungana extract restore your skin’s youthful radiance.

04 Which innovation Clarins restores radiance to mature skin?

Which innovation Clarins restores radiance to mature skin?

With age, three aspects of radiance disappear. Luminosity, a nice even-toned, rosy complexion, and a healthy glow

After 60, dark spots appear and dull the skin. Hormonal changes affect the proper functioning of the epidermis's micronutrient system and trigger this loss of luminosity. As we age, the fibroblast weakens and is subject to pigmentation issues, cutaneous dryness, and a drab and gray complexion.

The skin is undernourished. To counteract this lack of lipids, hydration, and suppleness, plus restore your glow, only a nutrient-rich expert daily treatment can repair this delicate skin. To meet the needs of this generation, Clarins Research created the exceptional Nutri-Lumière skincare line.

These products contain pro-aging nutrition and light innovation. This skincare is the result of the organic flower extract and escin (active molecule in the fruit) from the horse chestnut tree known to act on the micronutrient network. A product of Clarins Labs expertise, this invigorating duo better nourishes the skin and restores its radiance. The benefits of this pair of active ingredients combined with organic leaf of life extract kickstarts the skin’s self-hydration capacity and the natural production of hyaluronic acid.

A cocktail of vitamins and nutrition! Your skin is better nourished and becomes supple, revitalized, glowing and radiant again. Radiate beauty at any age! Bring back the light!

05 How do I increase the efficacy of anti-aging skincare?

How do I increase the efficacy of anti-aging skincare?

Start the new Clarins skincare routine at 25!

Apply Double Serum before your anti-wrinkle cream for more intense cosmetic results. To boost the anti-aging skincare that meets your skin's needs, Clarins Research developed the most powerful age-defying serum.

It has a unique hydrolipidic and biomimetic dual formula with regenerating power. This powerhouse of skincare technology combines the properties of 20 botanical extracts blended with concentrated turmeric extract known to affect cell communication. Organic leaf of life extract boosts hydration and the natural production of hyaluronic acid. Banana leaf extract promotes collagen synthesis. Quinoa seed extract strengthens the cutaneous barrier.

The active ingredients stimulate the skin's five vital functions: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, regeneration, and protection. A 2-in-1 Clarins innovation that's a cosmetic revolution!

A drop of this anti-aging nectar is all you need every day for skin that glows with beauty as it looks smoothed and wrinkles are visibly faded. The results of this miracle product are visible after only 7 days of use*!

Multi-Active, Extra-Firming, Super Restorative or Nutri-Lumière cream combined with the dual power of Double Serum is a complete anti-aging solution. This nature-inspired formula with 21 ingredients contains nine organic active ingredients, three of which are fair-trade certified. A beauty secret for your skin and the planet!

* Consumer test - multi-ethnic panel of 269 women

06 What are some tips to properly apply my anti-wrinkle cream?

What are some tips to properly apply my anti-wrinkle cream?

For over 60 years, Clarins Labs have been researching ever-more advanced plant extracts and formulations for anti-aging skincare.

Good for all types of skin, these products become even more effective when applied with pro techniques. There is an application method for each cosmetic formulation.

To learn the techniques developed by our beauty specialists, check our Beauty School. To maximize the efficacy of every product, our experts draw from their knowledge of skin and the brand’s exclusive massage methods. All of their advice increases the benefits of our products.

You’ll soon become addicted to these beauty techniques!

07 Which routine should I use to achieve totally healthy skin at any age?

Which routine should I use to achieve totally healthy skin at any age?

Choose your anti-wrinkle skincare cream according to your age and skin type. That's the most important rule of cosmetics!

Clarins anti-aging skincare offers a wide range of targeted products for every type of skin: dry, very dry, combination and oily.

The day or night creams comfort all skin types, even the most sensitive, with luxuriously creamy textures with a nice delicate fragrance. The botanical extracts are selected to embrace skin with a carefully formulated and targeted treatment.

Using an anti-aging lotion or special serum makes these products even more effective. Anyone who enjoys a sensory experience will love applying a Clarins Face Treatment Oil. Teaming with beauty boosts, this oil delivers all the essential ingredients for perfectly healthy skin. Highly concentrated in organic active ingredients, it hydrates, revitalizes and tones to give your face skincare from nature.

Supplement this anti-aging routine by remembering to care for the area around the eyes with a product that targets dark circles and undereye puffiness to restore a youthful bright-eyed look! It ripples with a lightweight and luminous youthful glow!

One last tip: Always apply your skincare products on clean clear skin that is cleansed of all impurities and traces of makeup. Exfoliate and slough off dead skin cells once or twice a week with a scrub or exfoliant specially made for the face.

Then take the time to apply a face mask to maximize the hydrating and anti-aging effects of your face cream. Take your pick from the Extra-Firming Mask, Super Restorative Remodelling Serum Mask or any others, depending on your type of skin.

Unmask yourself! Your skin breathes a sigh of well-being. Supple, soft, firm, glowing with vitality and youth—it's gorgeous at any age!


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