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How do I know if my skin is sensitive?

How do I know
if my skin
is sensitive?

Make no mistake! Sensitive skin is delicate. It is not only dehydrated, it may also tend to be dry, very dry, normal, combination or oily.

Whatever type it is, sensitive skin reacts to any changes. Weather, elevated temperatures, cold, stress, pollution, UV rays, shaving, the use of a beauty product or makeup that's not formulated for sensitive skin, etc. Every environmental stressor can be an issue and trigger an immediate cutaneous reaction.  

Sensitive skin expresses discomfort by showing distress signals on the face or body. These include red patches, excess sebum, tightness, itching and blemishes. Don't be indifferent to how sensitive the epidermis is! Learn how to spot the aggravating factors. Strengthen the lipidic barrier by using the right moisturizer with ingredients that give your skin what it needs. See our pro tips for taking care of your skin.

The Clarins line of products specially formulated for sensitive skin is like swaddling it in a soft blanket. Cradle it in cherished comfort!

01 What should you do when sensitive skin shows distress signals?

What should you do when sensitive skin shows distress signals?

Knowing how to recognize sensitive skin makes it possible to give it the care it needs to look great and predict the next crisis

You can read SOS signals on your face. Flushed cheeks, redness, prickly sensations...the epidermis looks different. The skin is not as soft or smooth. It may even start peeling in an area of the face that’s extra sensitive. It becomes less flexible and shows signs of suffering on the lips, cheeks and around the eyes.

Environmental factors weaken the skin, stressors like pollution, sun exposure without the right UV protection, the stress of a busy life and air conditioning. You must strengthen the cutaneous barrier and rehydrate your face with moisturizing skincare products.

The Hydra-Essentiel skincare line boosts the skin’s hydration with organic leaf of life. Choose the texture made for your type of skin. Moisture Quenching Serum and Rich Cream give dehydrated skin what it needs. This action allows the skin to rehydrate, and helps it restore radiance and beauty.

Here’s some practical advice: sometimes, external stressors occur repeatedly. If you can tell which situations make the skin more sensitive, you can avoid them or arm the skin to protect itself. Be patient with sensitive skin! Give it the proper skincare products and it will build up its natural defenses.

02 How do I change my beauty routine for sensitive skin?

How do I change my beauty routine for sensitive skin?

Keep your skin beautiful by taking care of it

This is especially true for any type of sensitive skin at any age. Clarins Labs developed skincare formulas based on the reactivity and requirements of this kind of skin.

If you want to gently exfoliate your skin and eliminate impurities, try to use the Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream with softening properties. Made without microbeads, this gentle cream is formulated with natural ingredients and has a soothing effect recommended for sensitive skin. Once or twice a week, exfoliate the face and the neck area with light smoothing motions and rinse with warm water.

Follow with the toning lotion made for your skin type.

Now that your face is soft and clean, it's ready to soak in a moisturizing cream and take advantage of all the active ingredients in expert anti-aging cream. Softness, care, and beauty!

03 How do you avoid situations that make your skin irritated?

How do you avoid situations that make your skin irritated?

Your face is particularly exposed to environmental factors like weather changes, pollution and UV rays that can make it more sensitive and alter the cutaneous barrier at some point in your life. Air conditioning, or a room that’s too hot or stuffy can dry out your skin.

Other factors may affect the body. For example, sensitive skin can react to clothing rubbing against it, the area touching the fabric gets covered in red blotches and becomes irritated. Moreover, washing with a product that’s not gentle enough, water that’s too hard or has a harsh pH level, spraying on perfume—they can all cause a reaction.

Beauty tip: remember to add a few drops of “Relax” or “Tonic” Bath & Shower Concentrate with a calming fragrance to your bath water or apply it to wet skin in the shower. These products contain essential oils that wrap the skin in softness and unwind the mind with aromatic essences of relaxing or toning oils.

Make the goodness of aroma-phyto care last on your body by diving into the world of Clarins oils. Tonic Oil, Contour Treatment Oil and Relax Oil—there’s a whole beauty regimen for head-to-toe body care!

04 What is the new must-do routine for sensitive skin?

What is the new must-do routine for sensitive skin?

The new Calm-Essentiel skincare line pampers sensitive skin and embraces it with softness, relaxation, and luxury.

Clarins Research is innovating with targeted products that address specific issues of sensitive skin types. Calm-Essentiel skincare includes Soothing Emulsion and Restoring Oil.   

First, gently cleanse your skin with your sensitive skin lotion and avoid rubbing so you don't harm skin that’s already delicate.

Then apply Calm-Essentiel Soothing Emulsion. This product cradles your skin in absolute comfort.

Restore the beauty of very irritated skin by applying Calm-Essentiel Restoring Oil at night as a treatment lasting 10 to 20 days. Beauty tip: Add 1 to 3 drops of this oil to the Emulsion to give very dry skin a feeling of well-being and cozy relief.

05 What are the gentle ingredients in Calm-Essentiel products?

What are the gentle ingredients in Calm-Essentiel products?

To give sensitive skin all the expertise of plants, Clarins selected the most effective natural active ingredients known for their soothing properties.

The products in the Calm-Essentiel line contain 95% to 98% natural ingredients. Calm-Essentiel Soothing Emulsion is enriched with organic camellia oil that caresses the skin with creamy softness. Organic apricot oil is what makes Calm-Essentiel Restoring Treatment Oil a pleasure for the senses.

A deeply relaxing moment as your skin soaks in the nourishing botanicals and basks in comfort as soon as the oil is applied. Organic white horehound extract helps protect the skin from damage caused by pollution. Protect your skin, give it the best weapons to defend itself and enjoy a moment of softness. Calm (is) Essentiel!

06 What is the best way to remove makeup from a sensitive skin?

What is the best way to remove makeup from a sensitive skin?

Don’t be rough with it or damage it, make sure you are kind to your skin, which is already suffering

Be as gentle as possible when cleansing your face, don't rub or irritate it. Cleansing your skin thoroughly is the first beauty step.

For sensitive skin, having clean and clear skin is a particularly attentive step in your skincare routine. Clarins Micellar Water cleanses the face and sensitive eyes of all traces of makeup. Impurities and pollution are wiped away in a single step. Micellar Water cleans, soothes, and splashes the skin with a feeling of freshness and comforting well-being.

Our beauty tip: Apply with the fingers to avoid irritation on sensitive skin caused by rubbing with a cotton pad.

Finish by applying Sensitive Skin Lotion. Your skin is embraced with softness. It feels so good!

07 Can men have sensitive skin?

Can men have sensitive skin?

Men can have sensitive skin too!  

There are all types of skin in the world, from dry to combination to oily. Women are not the only ones who can get hypersensitive and dehydrated skin. On the contrary. Men are highly susceptible to razor burn and ingrown facial hairs.

Every day, men's skin goes through quite an ordeal. The ClarinsMen line contains skincare products that pamper clean-cut faces. It's a routine for cleansing, shaving and soothing sensitive skin.

ClarinsMen Shampoo & Shower wakes up and tones the body and & hair without harsh ingredients.

At a certain age, moisturizers or ClarinsMen anti-aging products are formulas for men that protect their skin against the passing of time, and makes their lives sweeter!

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