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When should I start using an anti-wrinkle cream?

Clarins has been an anti-aging expert for over 60 years and never stopped innovating in face and body care so every woman can be beautiful at any age and feel good about her body.

Finding natural ingredients across the globe on a beauty trip around the world.
Extracting potent age-defying active ingredients from rare plants with targeted benefits. Formulating anti-aging treatments, anti-wrinkle creams, eye creams, oils, lotions and much more to beautifully help your skin turn back time. That is our passion!

01 Why start using an anti-wrinkle cream at 30? 

Why start using an anti-wrinkle cream at 30?

Living life in the fast lane, hectic days, stress, and lack of sleep all leave their mark on your face. Discover the full Multi-Active product line of moisturizing cosmetic treatments created just for you! Including creams for the day, the night, and the eyes.
A vitamin-packed cocktail to boost your skin’s rejuvenation.

02 What should I do at the first sign of wrinkles and fine lines?

What should I do at the first sign of wrinkles and fine lines?

With technology powered by the latest scientific breakthroughs in the power of plants, Multi-Active Day Cream visibly reduces the first signs of wrinkles and fine lines to promote a youthful glow.

Cleanse thoroughly before use. Apply every morning on face and neck by tapping with fingertips from the center outwards. Customize your routine by applying Double Serum before Multi-Active Day Cream.

03 What complete beauty ritual will visibly reduce signs of aging?

What complete beauty ritual will visibly reduce signs of aging?

Multi-Active Night Cream fights signs of fatigue after a late night, interrupted sleep, or insomnia by adding to the age-defying properties of your day cream so your skin is rehydrated, radiant and vibrant again, night after night. Its lightweight texture penetrates instantly to replenish beauty as your sleep. Sweet dreams!

8 out of 10
women report that the Multi-Active duo preserves youth and radiance. *

*Satisfaction test, Multi-Active Day Cream All Skin Types and Multi-Active Night Cream Light, 105 women aged 30-40 years, 15 days.

04 How do I give my eyes a youthful boost?

How do I give my eyes a youthful boost?

Better protect the eye area, the most fragile and delicate part of your face, with Total Eye Revive, the treatment that fights wrinkles, dark circles, and gives your eyes a visible wake-up call. It noticeably smooths the first signs of wrinkles and fine lines, minimizes dark circles, and reduces puffiness. It provides strong protection with Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex.

05 How does wild teasel work on the first signs of wrinkles?

How does wild teasel work on the first signs of wrinkles?

Harvested deep in the French countryside, the botanical experts at Clarins have unlocked the power of wild teasel. This potent weapon against fatigue is proven to be cosmetically effective. Clarins Research harnessed teasel extract to stimulate the production of an energizing molecule called ATP that helps fight off free radicals. It has targeted antioxidant and revitalizing power that aids in protecting skin's freshness for a longer time by elevating energy levels.

06 Why start a complete anti-aging routine at 40? 

Why start a complete anti-aging routine at 40?

After you turn 40, the youthfulness of the epidermis needs some added support

Pollution, a busy lifestyle, and the sun can take a toll on radiance and firmness. Laugh lines become more apparent. The expert anti-wrinkle products in the Extra-Firming line improve the appearance of all signs of lost firmness like crow's feet and sagging features to create a radiant glow.

07 How do I fight aging skin after 40?

How do I fight aging skin after 40?

Your skin is less supple, firm, and radiant. It deserves the best. Extra-Firming Cream gives skin an immediate smoothing effect. It has age-defying anti-pollution properties that help restore lift and firmness. Day after day, wrinkles are visibly reduced, and facial contours look more sculpted.

Your features are regenerated, and the complexion looks more consistent and younger.

08 What are some tips on optimizing the effects of Extra-Firming Day Cream?

What are some tips on optimizing the effects of Extra-Firming Day Cream?

Before applying, gently press your skin with both hands to create an immediate feeling of well-being.

Apply the cream with both hands to evenly distribute and increase protection against external stressors.

The Clarins pressure drainage method stimulates your face’s natural circulation and maintains firmness.

09 What beauty routine can I use to increase firmness even more?

What beauty routine can I use to increase firmness even more?

In addition to your Day Cream, fight aging every morning with a one-two punch: Total Eye Smooth to target crow’s feet, puffiness and dark circles, the top concerns for women over 40, plus Extra-Firming Botanical Serum for a dual lifting effect with instant smoothing action that firms and tightens.

Make the most of your firming routine with Extra-Firming Night Cream which is perfect for visibly firming your skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Wake up with skin that looks evenly toned and regenerated.

10 What natural anti-aging ingredients are used in the Extra-Firming skincare line?

What natural anti-aging ingredients are used in the Extra-Firming skincare line?

Kangaroo paw extract activates and counteracts the loss of young cell clusters. Combined with organic girdle pod, which stimulates collagen production, this duo makes your skin firmer more elastic and helps regeneration.

Extracts of blue agave and quinoa act as immediate lifters. White lupin extract reinforces the skin’s firmness bonds.

When it comes to eye care, Albizia extract and horse chestnut escin help reduce age-related puffiness and dark circles.

11 Why does skin have special needs after 50?

Why does skin have special needs after 50?

Hormonal changes related to age make your skin more fragile, so it needs concentrated skincare that restores the density and radiance it has lost. Super Restorative Cream provides all the Clarins Density Expertise it needs. Day after day, your skin looks smoother and plumper. Wrinkles seem to fade away. This concentrated action offsets density loss and leaves a gorgeous glow.

12 How do I treat sagging skin due to age?

How do I treat sagging skin due to age?

After 50 (and even earlier for some), menopause causes a loss of density

Super Restorative Day and Super Restorative Night Creams are a powerful remedy that replenishes your skin at every level.  Enriched with an exclusive extract of organic harungana, the “healing” tree of Madagascar, they are formulated to visibly reduce deep wrinkles, lift and fight aging of the skin. Your face is instantly brighter, smoother, and glowing with health.

13 How do you restore the skin’s luminosity?

How do you restore the skin’s luminosity?

Any woman who dreams of waking up with a fresh rosy glow turns to Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream

The best radiance boosters paired up with the greatest Clarins replenishing active ingredients to stimulate instant light and beauty.

A combo of exfoliating hibiscus flower acids (which help chase away a gray complexion and smooth the skin's surface), illuminating pearl and density-boosting harungana extract.

14 How do I get my smile back?

How do I get my smile back?

Super Restorative
Remodeling Serum

This exceptional age-defying serum helps lift your features, re-sculpt, and redefine the shape and contours of the face. It creates an all-over lifting effect and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Your complexion is luminous again! A Clarins anti-aging volume innovation that delivers a serious cosmetic boost.

15 What intensive routine provides the best treatment for women over 50?

16 How does organic harungana extract from Madagascar work to fix loss of density?

How does organic harungana extract from Madagascar work to fix loss of density?

As a healing tree with powerful regenerating benefits, harungana promotes reforestation by propagating on barren land in Madagascar and Africa. Local communities use the leaves in traditional medicine as an antiseptic and a remedy to heal wounds. In cosmetics, the extract helps promote collagen synthesis to firm up and replenish the skin. Clarins Lab uses certified organic fair-trade harungana leaves grown and harvested according to practices that promote human rights and fair working conditions. The leaves are picked and dried by the residents of a village called Joffreville in northern Madagascar with support from the local Jardins du Monde team.

The benefits of harungana are found in the entire Super Restorative line of products.

17 How can I tell if you have mature skin?

With age, your skin becomes duller, the complexion loses its even, rosy tone, and the healthy glow is gone.

These three aspects of radiance disappear after the age of 60. Your skin dries out and lacks moisture and suppleness. Dark spots begin to appear. To fully restore your skin’s glow, it needs more nourishment with a daily skincare routine rich in the vital nutrients that healthy skin requires.

18 Why does mature skin lose luminosity?

Why does mature skin lose luminosity?

With age, the aging fibroblast impedes the way the micronutrient system - or the essential “anti-aging system”- works. Your complexion becomes dull and extremely dry. The skin is increasingly susceptible to pigmentation issues and lacks luster. The loss of lipids strips your skin of a protective barrier. Without these defenses, it looks less luminous and loses that healthy glow. It is undernourished.

19 How do you restore a glow to undernourished skin?

How do you restore a glow to undernourished skin?

Help your skin regain vitality with a line of skincare treatment called Nutri-Lumière.

This range of cosmetics is made for skin that has been weakened with age. It strengthens and protects it every day from damage caused by the environment, the sun and pollution. It contains a revitalizing duo of chestnut extract and escin that better nourishes and hydrates the skin, to make it more supple. It appears smoother, denser, and plumper. The complexion becomes uniform and more luminous. Radiant.

20 When it comes to radiance, what combination of botanical extracts is beneficial?

When it comes to radiance, what combination of botanical extracts is beneficial?

Clarins Research combines organic horse chestnut extract and escin (an active molecule in the fruit). They are known for their actions on the micronutrient system. Thanks to this unique blend, full radiance returns to the skin. Now that the skin is supple and hydrated, wakame extract helps strengthen its barrier function and fortifies it. Leaf of life extract reactivates its ability to self-hydrate. Lastly, desert date extract reduces dullness and aids in creating an evenly toned radiant complexion.

21 How do you increase the efficacy of anti-aging skincare?

How do you increase the efficacy of anti-aging skincare?

At any age, Double Serum is the beauty secret for skin that is visibly more youthful. Tested, approved, and recommended! Discover the most powerful Clarins intensive anti-aging skincare enriched with 21 botanical extracts.
Women all over the world have added this technological powerhouse to their daily skincare routines.

Visible results after 7 days* of use:

83% skin is more radiant,
74% skin is firmer
88% skin is smoothed

* Satisfaction test -  multi-ethnic panel of 362 women

22 What is the secret regenerating power of Double Serum?

What is the secret regenerating power of Double Serum?

This Clarins 2-in-1 innovation is revolutionizing anti-aging skincare

It has a unique hydrolipidic and biomimetic double formula that boosts the effectiveness of our anti-aging creams. When combined with Double Serum, the Multi-Active, Extra-Firming and Super Restorative creams are a veritable fountain of youth.

23 What combination of natural active ingredients create this one-two punch?

What combination of natural active ingredients create this one-two punch?

Its hydric and lipidic phases are packed with botanical extracts (20+1) that stimulate the skin's five vital functions: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, regeneration, and protection. This complete anti-aging treatment blends 20 of the most powerful plant extracts for anti-aging with turmeric extract rich in turmerone. The signs of aging are noticeably reduced. The secret language of youth has finally been decoded!

24 Which plants reveal their beauty secrets in Double Serum?

Which plants reveal their beauty secrets in Double Serum?

Turmeric extract (cell communication) and an avocado unsaponifiable (regeneration and suppleness), organic oat sugar (tightening properties), organic green banana extract (firmness), cocoa extract (hydration), callicarpa extract (radiance), wild teasel extract (energy), extracts of edelweiss and butterfly ginger lily (antioxidant), Marie’s thistle extract (nourishing), organic goji berry extract (energizing), huang qi leaf extract (purifying), jania rubens extract (eliminates dead skin cells), leaf of life extract (hydration), kiwi extract (cell nutrition), mango tree extract (nutrition, comfort, suppleness), horse chestnut escin (reduces undereye puffiness and dark circles), myrothamnus (reduces stress), orthosiphon extract (mattifying), quinoa extract (strengthens the cutaneous barrier), salicornia extract (hydrating).

25 What fair trade practice does this innovation uncover?

What fair trade practice does this innovation uncover?

A universal and nature-inspired dual formula created with as many natural ingredients as possible.

21 ingredients, including nine organic active ingredients, three of which are fair-trade certified.

26 What is the best way to apply anti-aging skincare?

Clarins draws from its skin expertise to develop an application method for each of its cosmetic formulations to make them as effective as possible.

All this advice can be found in our Beauty School. They are easy methods to do at home that maximize the cosmetic results.

You’ll be a skincare pro!

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