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How can I reduce under-eye puffiness?

Look into my eyes!
Look into
my eyes!

Our eyes hold all our emotions. Joy, sadness, fear, surprise, love—eyes are like an open book telling the story of our lives. With the first glance, looking at someone speaks volumes about our mood and personality.

No matter what colour your eyes are, accentuating them is the first step to becoming a woman. Putting on eye makeup is the first beauty enhancement we make during our teen years. Intensifying our eyes with a single stroke of eyeliner, darkening the lids, adding some brightly coloured shadow, or dressing them up with stylish makeup—your eyes hold immense seductive powers.

Look into my eyes!
Anything can happen in the blink of an eye!

Stretch your lashes to the extreme, plump them up with gravity-defying volume, intensify, play up, beautify, etc. Caring for your eyes takes all the beauty tricks in the book. Nothing should outshine your look, and imperfections are not allowed.

So, say goodbye to puffy eyes and dark circles!

Our Clarins experts share all their pro tips for getting gorgeous eyes (without plastic surgery) with lots of smart hacks and no holding back. Take a look at the Clarins special eye area product line and its latest can’t-miss additions ;)

01 What causes dark circles and puffiness under the eyes?

What causes dark circles and puffiness under the eyes?

The skin around the eyes is much thinner than on the rest of the face, and therefore highly sensitive. Signs of aging or fatigue show up through dark circles and undereye bags.

Unsightly dark circles appear on your face when you're stressed, extremely tired, went to bed late or didn't sleep well. They are noticeable on the lower lids and make you look sluggish.

Bags under the eyes are caused by an accumulation of water and fat. It looks like a swollen pouch under your eyes. Alcohol, tobacco, and lack of sleep can lead to water retention.

Some lifestyle changes and targeted skincare can wipe those bags and circles right off your face! Improve your health and get rid of these beauty robbers once and for all!

02 Why should I use Clarins special eye area skincare?

Why should I use Clarins special eye area skincare?

The skin around the eyes is thinner, and the most fragile on the face, so it deserves the best of care. Premature wrinkles and fine lines appear, crow's feet start to crease the corners of the eyes, dark circles and puffiness create an overcast look.

This delicate area needs specific natural active ingredients. For age-related skin issues, turn to nature with ingredients known for their powers to drain, relax, hydrate or smooth.

Use special treatments to fight back the signs of aging, fatigue or sagging skin. Our researchers work relentlessly to develop new products that fight wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness to keep your skin looking beautiful and youthful.

Try our targeted, high-performance skincare treatments made from rare plant extracts in a variety of innovative textures (gels, creams and balms). Botanicals like organic Harungana extract, kangaroo paw extract, and Aloe Vera extract are selected from around the world to make your eyes shine. Nature’s looking out for you!

03 How do I target my eye treatment?

How do I target my eye treatment?

Be mindful of how delicate the eye area is and care for it. “Offering tailor-made products for all types of skin that addresses age-related concerns”, that is Clarins’ commitment to your eyes. Our laboratories developed a wide range of specific eye area skincare treatments that target the three top issues: aging, dark circles, and fatigue.

Every women has different needs. Total Eye Revive targets fine lines caused by lack of sleep. For over 40 years, Total Eye Smooth has been fending off wrinkles due to loss of firmness. To fight the signs of fatigue that appear around the eyes, the icy sensation of Total Eye Contour Gel works instantly to soothe and relax before you can blink!

04 When should you start using an eye treatment?

When should you start using an eye treatment?

Your eye treatment should start from the very first appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

Don’t let an on-the-go lifestyle, stress and lack of sleep leave their mark, and your eye area looking dull.

Apply refreshing and energizing Total Eye Revive starting at age 30. A refreshing gel cream that melts into the skin, leaving it smoother and brighter.
Let the power of teasel extract work to visibly fight signs of fatigue, free radicals, the appearance of dark circles and undereye puffiness.

Your face looks instantly refreshed. With one motion, the skin around your eyes is protected against the harmful effects of pollution and all signs of fatigue disappear. It’s like magic!

05 Why should I apply a hydrating mask?

Why should I apply a hydrating mask?

To chase away signs of fatigue and keep looking young, our beauty experts recommend applying Total Eye Hydrate once or twice a week.

This 10-minute moisture boost leaves your skin soft and beautiful.

It wipes away signs of fatigue caused by lack of moisture! Fine lines due to dehydration are gone! This quick fix combines the natural hydrating properties of organic leaf of life extract, which acts much like hyaluronic acid, and horse chestnut known to have powerful results on dark circles. The secrets of this mask are soothing active ingredients that fight fatigue in a unique gel texture that’s deliciously quenching. A hydrating sensation that feels so good, you’ll want to leave it on all night. Sleep like a baby and wake up in the morning to eyes that are fresh and fully rested!

06How can I visibly reduce puffiness and dark circles?

How can I visibly reduce puffiness and dark circles?

Total Eye Contour Gel is the quick fix for any time of day. As soon as you apply this ultra-bracing gel, your face immediately feels refreshed and relaxed. Total well-being for all types of skin, great for any age!

It melts like an ice cube on the skin to remove all traces of fatigue in no time. A tonic sensation that perks up the eye area with caffeine and a blend of organic cornflower water, organic chamomile extract and aloe vera extract. A visibly soothing and stimulating cocktail for undereye bags and dark circles.

Look at you! You’re ready to dance all night long!

07 How do I firm up the eye area?

How do I firm up the eye area?

Be on high alert starting at 40

Two signs of skin aging are loss of firmness and wrinkles at the corners of the eyes. Clarins has an intensive 2-in-1 treatment for women over 40 that fights crow's feet, dark circles, and puffiness under the eyes.

Total Eye Smooth is the ultimate weapon against anything that causes sagging skin. This dual lifting effect comes from a combination of organic girdlepod and kangaroo paw extracts that kickstarts collagen synthesis with active ingredients targeting the eye area. Puffiness and dark circles don’t stand a chance against Albizia and horse chestnut escin extract.

Beauty tip: Do a little home workout every morning to tone your lids. Open and shut your eyes while applying gentle pressure on the upper eyelid (don’t furrow your brow). Relax and repeat.

Smile! Those creases around the eyes are reduced and your eyes sparkle with newfound youth.

08 How is the latest Clarins innovation revolutionizing the eye area?

How is the latest Clarins innovation revolutionizing the eye area?

Finally there’s an anti-aging product with the power of retinol that’s gentle on the skin!

Clarins Labs created Total Eye Lift for women who want a pro treatment that gently lifts the eye area and fights signs of aging when you need it.

Lift drooping eyelids, firm the skin, combat fight sagging, treat puffiness and dark circles. This complete eye skincare gives a lift to the entire eye area without plastic surgery. Enriched with organic harungana, it is formulated to rebuild and improve the skin around the eyes. Like a veritable fountain of youth, this plant from Madagascar has the amazing power of boosting collagen synthesis. With a botanical concentrate containing 94% natural ingredients, the lift effect of this eye treatment works in 60 seconds. Miracles do happen!

This ultra-lightweight, ultra-smoothing, ultra-toning balm beautifies the skin and acts as a base for flawless makeup.

Amp up your lashes with 4D Mascara. It creates a wider gaze, smooths out eyelid creases and makes your eyes look elongated. Ready to give it a go?

09 How can I make my eyes look amazing?

How can I make my eyes look amazing?

The line of eye skincare completes our full range of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products.

To intensify your beauty routine to the max, eliminate impurities by removing all traces of makeup with a cleanser specially formulated for the delicate eye area that won’t dry out the skin, then applytoning lotion.

These steps perfectly prep your skin to soak in the goodness of your day cream, night cream or special facial oil.

Lastly, take your pick from our line of makeup, eyeshadows, eyeliners, and pencils to bring out your eyes and create a stunning gaze to the tips of your lashes! To be the belle of the ball, treat your eyes to a quick Open Spa treatment and follow the beauty tips from our makeup experts.

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