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How do I get Healthy Glowing Skin?

How do I get Healthy Glowing Skin?

Nature's cycles change throughout the year and it adjusts to the elements.

Our days are affected by the cold, rain, sun, wind, and pollution. They influence what we eat and become a regular part of our personal lives. The skin on our face is especially sensitive and exposed to these environmental stressors and shifts in the weather, day after day. It needs special attention at the beginning of each season to help it adjust and defend itself against the effects of aging.

Give your face what it needs to help it adjust to seasonal changes. Take care of your skin and it will take care of you! Here are some tips and tricks for achieving well-being and beautiful skin.

01 How should I cleanse my skin?

How should I cleanse my skin?

First step of your beauty routine: renew your skin!

The key to a fresh and glowing complexion is removing your makeup.
It’s important to dedicate a few minutes every day to this step whether you've been inside, outside, wore makeup or not.

Your skin must be cleansed every day to eliminate traces of pollution and excess sebum. There’s a cleanser for every type of skin, from combination to oily or dry. Instant makeup removers, cleansing lotions, water-based cleansers, foaming or exfoliating gels—explore our wide range of products, and give your face exactly what it needs.

Usually called micellar water, cleansing water is recommended for cleaning faces with blemishes. Apply with a cotton pad morning and night.

No need to rinse it off, your skin is purified and has retained
its natural moisture. Exfoliating versions of water-based solutions are like
giving your epidermis a new life by helping eliminate dead skin cells.

Refreshing and soothing Clarins cleansers take care of cleaning your face, especially the eye area that can get easily irritated.

Starting your day with a radiant complexion is all about following a 100% gentle face care routine!

02 What are the benefits of gentle cleansing?

What are the benefits of gentle cleansing?

For comfortable mild cleansing, Velvet Cleansing Milk gets rid of the day’s makeup and impurities.

It leaves your skin soft and clean, and gives it a nice supple and fresh sensation all over. Clarins botanical experts traveled to India where Moringa grows, to tap into its detoxifying properties. This powerful natural ingredient is rich in vitamins and minerals and is used in all the Velvet Cleansing Milk products. It oxygenates the skin and eliminates pollution particles.

Impurities are gone and the skin can breathe.

03 What is the best way to apply cleansers?

What is the best way to apply cleansers?

Apply using the Clarins professional cleansing method:



the Cleansing Milk between the palms of your hands to bring it up to skin temperature.



by simple contact using the entire surface of the hands. Do not apply pressure.


Lay the hands

flat on the face and neck and remove hands briskly as if the skin were burning hot.


Repeat 7 times:

the cleansing milk will thicken and sponge away make-up and impurities without irritating or disturbing the tissue.


Rinse or wipe off

Apply toner to finish.

04 After cleansing, how do I wake up my skin?

After cleansing, how do I wake up my skin?

After removing your makeup with your cleansing product, revive your complexion with a Clarins toning lotion.

There is a great selection of products to choose from, depending on your type of skin and specific age-related needs, with refreshing lightweight textures that create an instant sensation of comfort.

This skincare step is a genuine blast of freshness that will quickly become a must in your beauty routine! Whether you choose to use it as a morning wake-up call or a moment of well-being at night, it restores the skin’s velvety softness and vitality. It feels smooth, beautiful and has a youthful glow!

To apply your Toning Lotion, soak two cotton pads, gently wipe them over your face and neck twice a day to hydrate, tone and prepare your skin to fully collect the benefits of any product you apply afterwards. This prepping action makes your skincare routine more effective.

05 How do I hydrate my skin throughout the day?

How do I hydrate my skin throughout the day?

Like nature, your skin needs to be nourished and intensely hydrated. It requires different amounts of water, depending on your age and the season.

You must listen to what your skin wants and hydrate it. Moisturize it twice a day (morning and evening) with the right skincare products that are effective.

The Hydra-Essentiel line offers an entire range of unique hydrating treatments for beautiful skin in any condition, including a silky cream with a rich creamy formula for normal to dry skin and Cooling Gel with a lightweight liquid texture for combination or oily skin.

06 What does organic leaf of life do?

What does organic leaf of life do?

Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream is enriched with extracts of a powerful activator of natural hydration from Madagascar called organic leaf of life.

Clarins experts extract its potent moisturizing active ingredients from the leaves, which can stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

It works day after day, helping all layers of the skin to stay hydrated. Organic Leaf of life will be your best ally by giving your skin the intense nourishment, comfort, and radiance it needs.

Regardless of your age or skin type, you can achieve beautiful, soft and silky-smooth skin every day.

07 How can I make my skin absolutely beautiful?

How can I make my skin absolutely beautiful?

Beauty comes at any age, but you should learn how to achieve it when you’re young!

The best way to let your skin stay in shape and have a gorgeous rosy complexion that everyone will envy is to eat tons of whole foods and treat your skin to lots of fruits & plants.

You want a skin that’s beautiful and healthy?! Join the club. Clarins created plenty of indulgent, vegan-friendly, skincare products, packed with vitamins and made just for the youngest generation. With this new Healthy Skin Botanical Complex, you're taking care of yourself and your diet while protecting your youthfulness — effortlessly! My Clarins is the next generation of exclusive fun products that you can take anywhere. Totally trendy!

Custom solutions to any skin issue that is making your life miserable. Forget about dilated pores, blackheads, acne, oily or parched skin, excess sebum, and ugly pimples! Scrubs, flash treatments and salon-quality masks will eliminate impurities, tighten up those pores and slough away blemishes. They will tone down the shine, cleanse and beautifully hydrate your pretty face. Mirror, mirror on the wall, you’ll always be the fairest of them all! And you’ll have flawless skin the morning after!

08 What skincare will help my skin at any age?

What skincare will help my skin at any age?

After 30 it’s now easy to prevent the first signs of wrinkles, fine lines, and keep your skin fabulous.

With Multi-Active day and Multi-Active night creams, your beauty is in good hands. Suited for all skin types, your anti-aging day cream visibly leaves your skin looking smooth, revitalized, and radiant.

You're 40 and life is beautiful! You're managing the everyday stress and taking care of your skin. It now has changing needs and wants a complete anti-wrinkle solution.

It is time to turn towards Extra-Firming range. This anti-wrinkle line works on all signs of lost firmness like crow's feet and facial features that are starting to sag. Tone and firmness return to your skin which still has many great years ahead!

You're 50 and life is fulfilling! You're full of life, experience, and friendship. The only cloud on the horizon is that slight lack of density that shows on your face.

Give it an age-defying replenishing skincare treatment with Super Restorative Day and Super Restorative Night creams. Keep up your beauty standards and find your glow!

In order to stay luminous, mature skin needs the gentlest of care. Low glow, sad complexion and dark spots won’t make your face look dull.

The new Nutri-Lumière line was specially formulated to feed undernourished skin and light it up with joy.

Smile, you're still beautiful!

09 How to create your ideal beauty routine?

How to create your ideal beauty routine?

There’s a routine for every skin type!

We don’t all need or want them same things. Some of us want to hide the signs of aging while others are looking to enhance their complexion.

We have creams, oils, and serums to hydrate, soothe and firm. Each product meets the needs of a certain skin type and beauty issue.

Always apply serums before your moisturizer. Our beauty advisors will help you choose the Clarins expert serum that’s perfectly suited for your skin and targets its unique needs.

Tell us everything and find your perfect routine thanks to our beauty diagnostic

Explore our Beauty School and let our tips and tutorials guide you through your daily beauty journey! You’ll find advice, great ideas, and easy practical techniques to learn how to meet all your skin’s needs with a smile.

10 What are Clarins’ secrets for pampering your skin?

What are Clarins’ secrets for pampering your skin?

Beautiful skin can be yours with a ritual like the Morrocan hammam baths with a scrub and black soap.

Scrub and exfoliate the face and body once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells from the epidermis and stimulate cell renewal. Deeply purify and cleanse to let your skin breathe and take full advantage of the benefits of our anti-aging skincare products. It will improve absorption and maximize their hydrating, wrinkle-fighting and replenishing actions.

Perfect your beauty routine with our Plant Gold or Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. Take the time to enjoy this indulgent nourishing moment of skin pampering!

The refreshing and intensely moisturizing 10-minute SOS Hydra mask is a hydration quench, and you can't get any more intense regeneration than with the Extra-Firming Face Mask. They each meet specific needs related to age, stress of daily life or just lounging around on a sunny getaway!

If you’re looking for a full beauty treatment, get a facial or body treatment at one of our spas. Let our experienced beauticians give you an ultimate moment of well-being with exclusive Clarins application methods. Wrap mind and skin in gentle relaxation.

11 How can I enhance my radiant complexion?

How can I enhance my radiant complexion?

What makes you more beautiful every day? Having fun, smiling, laughing, living a healthy lifestyle, and eating a varied balanced diet.

Beautiful skin is a peaceful mind in a healthy body, a woman who feels fulfilled, independent, radiant, and comfortable in her head & body. Look on the bright side! Keep your spirits up! Binge on happy moments all day long, go overboard on the good vibes, sing and dance!

Always indulging in life’s little pleasures, putting on a little makeup for a healthy glow, joyfully basking in the sun, bursting
out laughing—they're all great ways to keep your morale up and your complexion glowing. (Re)discover a lust for life and beautiful things. The pleasure of walking, breathing, running, taking it easy, building your strength.

Riding a bike, a scooter or roller-skating calls for a strong day cream including Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex, which helps fight pollution damage that can contribute to skin aging. Pick a physical activity you love and take full advantage of its health benefits.

Combine what you like with what you need. Enjoy your zest for life and your complexion will come alive with radiance!

12 What's the recipe for a great complexion?

What's the recipe for a great complexion?

Start your day off right with a special little breakfast full of nourishing foods. Take some time every week to go to the farmer's market, pick out fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season, food packed with the vitamins and minerals your skin craves.

Get in the habit of cooking nice, simple and delicious recipes that delight your taste buds as well as your skin. Make colorful tasty dishes that stimulate your appetite. Think beautiful, yummy, organic, whole foods. Make gorgeous recipes! Never skimp on blending well-being and beauty.

Get a preview of Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins’s four seasons of the skin right now. This new book contains 48 varied whole food recipes that are delicious, seasonal, and creative. Use his inspiration for Clarins’ skincare products and makeup! These recipes call for original ingredients, taken from edible botanical active plants in the Clarins herbarium.

A beautiful example of how our skin, and particularly our complexion, truly are what we eat! Eat up, ladies! And start glowing!

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