Is there a cream for my age group?

Whilst it’s essential to moisturise the skin at all ages to prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles, other age-related skin problems, such as sagging skin and dark spots can also be tackled using Clarins’ beauty products. Clarins has developed specific skincare ranges for each generation of women.

Made-to-measure skincare
From your twenties onwards, skin quickly starts to lose its youthful glow thanks to late-night parties and exam stress. Keep your skin baby-soft with Clarins’ Daily Energizer range. When you reach your thirties, the stress of adult-life begins to show. Combining the day and night cream from the Multi-Active range instantly smoothens your first wrinkles. The Extra-Firming range has been designed with firming properties to tighten the skin. Its active ingredient, organic lemon thyme, protects the skin’s elastic fibres. 50+ skin undergoes even more changes due to hormonal imbalances. The Vital Light and Super Restorative ranges are perfect for women who want to age beautifully.

A serum for everyone
Clarins has created Double Serum, designed with all different skin types and ages in mind. Its unique formula helps firm skin, smoothe wrinkles, even out skin tone and tightens pores. Look no further if you’re seeking to restore your skin’s radiance and firmness.

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