Under-eye care gives tired eyes a boost

When we're tired, it often becomes apparent in our eyes. The under-eye area is a delicate and sensitive area that requires specialized and gentle care. Clarins has a range of under-eye products that restore firmness and even-out the skin tone.

How do I choose a concealer treatment?
Think of under-eye care as rescuing the skin from a loss of elasticity and vitality. Good under-eye products are light and non-greasy in consistency, ensuring ultimate absorption and skin conditioning. Proper under-eye care will lead to a reduction in puffiness and darkness, and result in highlighted eyes. The Eye Contour Gel is a great, moisturizing concealer for tired eyes because it contains gingko biloba extract which improves microcirculation and enlivens the skin. Eye Revive Beauty Flash minimizes dark circles with white tea and water lily extracts.

How do I use under-eye product?
Use your under-eye product when you wake up in the morning before applying your make-up. Specifically target skin imperfections and dark circles with your finger, gently, so as not to disrupt the delicate skin. Begin in the corner of the eye and work outwards using a soft patting motion. For very dry skin, there is a "Special" Eye Contour Balm, which will provide extra, much needed hydration, for a radiant and supple complexion.

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