Elegant maternity – show that décolleté!

During pregnancy, it is lovely to have the rare opportunity to pamper yourself and give your skin a little attention. A bust cream will help create a firmer, more defined decollete. With daily use, you will observe lift and refinement in this delicate area!

What are the benefits of a special décolleté skin product during pregnancy?
During pregnancy, the fragile skin of the neck and décolleté can show signs of weakening and a loss of elasticity. To help preserve lift in this area, and to give the delicate skin the boost it needs, Clarins recommends the use of a product for firming up the bust, such as Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel. This nourishing gel keeps the skin in great condition and provides it with the special care it requires during pregnancy. It's easy to neglect this region, but just as easy to look after it with the help of Clarins bust skin care products, specially designed for mother's to be.

What is the application method for a décolleté product?
To uplift, tone and care for the neck and décolleté, apply the skin care products in the morning, before make-up. Products designed for this area are light and non-greasy for optimal absorption. Move the décolleté gel from the top of the breasts towards the chin in an upwards, patting motion. Refer to the application method for Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel to achieve best results during your pregnancy!

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