Elegant maternity – the luxury of pregancy massage

What sounds more enjoyable to a pregnant woman than a luxurious massage? Clarins want to treat expecting mothers to ultimate relaxation. And who needs to relax more? Experienced professionals can aid in relaxation and wellness with a massage during pregnancy and allow you to relax comfortably in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Why link massage with pregnancy?
Your pregnancy can be hard on the body, throwing everything off balance, even causing you to feel downright lousy at times. Relaxation is key in preparing your body for the journey of pregnancy. A relaxed body is a happier body. Learning to be attentive to your body is essential in understanding its needs and in knowing how to treat certain ailments. Professional massages that are designed for pregnant women's' needs can offer peace and serenity during this unique period. Back aches, heavy legs, stretch marks - you name it, a massage can help you feel refreshed and enlivened.

Clarins massages and treatments specifically designed for pregnant women
Discover Clarin's Mother-to-be and New Mother Treatment for the opportunity to indulge and unwind during your pregnancy. The treatment includes pregnancy massages and valuable advice for mothers-to-be as well as new mothers. Seeking comfort in the wise words of specialists can be a positive and reaffirming experience. Explore what Clarins has to offer and you can receive a 60 minute massage at a spa near you. Don't hesitate, relaxation awaits!

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