Elegant maternity – how to take care of your skin post-pregnancy

After labour, your body is fatigued and ready for some special care and attention. New mothers don't have a lot of time on their hands, but they do have some great products at their fingertips. For optimal post-pregnancy skin care, find the time to treat yourself and your skin.

After pregnancy, which skin-firming products can be used to restore skin?
Your body changes in amazing ways during your pregnancy and your post-pregnancy body may feel somewhat unfamiliar. To restore your skin's firmness and to soften the rough bits, select products that purify and tone the skin. A great product to get skin back in shape is the Exfoliating Body Scrub, which will wash away impurities and dry layers. The Tonic Body Treatment Oil improves the elasticity of the skin and works to freshen and enliven both your skin and your sense of well-being.

Which products effectively target stretch marks post-pregnancy?
Stretch marks are a common theme in the discussion of pregnancy. The body's amazing transformation leaves behind some reminders. Stretch Mark Control helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks when applied in large, circular motions in desired areas. To truly replenish the skin of your post-pregnancy body, follow the Clarins application method. Another great product that is effective in addressing these specific needs is the Body Shaping Cream, which works to lift and re-shape the skin with its firming ingredients. A post-pregnancy body deserves all the luxurious and effective skin care available. Clarins encourages new mothers to find the time for restoration and renewal.

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