Organic leaf of life extract

Your skin will never be thirsty again!

(Activate its self-hydrating power.)

A variety of ultra-sensorial “thirst-quenching” textures for all seasons and all skin types.

Because every skin has different needs and certain climates require special types of skin care. Hydra-Essentiel comes in a variety of 3 textures and 1 serum offering tailor-made freshness and comfort. Discover your ideal texture:

  • Unique lightweight texture

    Thirsty skin

    Bi-Phase Serum

    $ 60.00

  • Fine and silky-smooth texture

    Normal to dry skin

    Silky Cream

    $ 49.00

  • Mousse-like, rich, lightweight texture

    Very dry skin

    Rich Cream

    $ 49.00

  • Original ‘sorbet-like’ texture

    Normal to combination skin

    Cooling Gel

    $ 49.00


Clarins Laboratories Innovation

Reactivate the skin’s self-hydrating power

Clarins Research has studied daily thermal shocks and highlighted their impact on skin hydration for the first time.

To solve this, Clarins discovered a powerful hydration activator in the heart of nature, a plant with succulent leaves: the organic leaf of life. Water is essential to life, as well as to your skin’s beauty, that’s why the new Hydra-Essentiel treatments help restore the skin’s capacity to retain water thanks to leaf of life extract: intensely hydrated, it is left fresh and radiant in any circumstance.

  • Exclusive

    Activate your skin’s self-hydration

    Sudden daily changes in temperature and humidity, heat, cold, pollution... Your skin becomes dehydrated...

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  • Bio-inspiration

    Organic leaf of life

    The leaf of life and the skin, a stunning similarity.

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