Love Nature Box


The Clarins Box (It’s here!)

All throughout the year, receive complete skin care and make-up routines. Your new subscription-free beauty rendezvous: you won’t want to miss it!

The current Box:
The Love Nature Box

$ 45.00

  • What’s inside every Clarins Box?

    1 full-sized product or 1 all-new beauty accessory 1 Clarins product routine developed with love 1 beauty guide 1 healthy dose of pleasure and well-being

  • Why should I try it?

    To test out the effectiveness of Clarins products To take care of yourself and your skin To pamper yourself

  • How do I get one?

    1. Order your box at or visit a participating Clarins store or Skin Spa 2. Receive it at home, at the office or even at your partner’s place... 3. Open it and take care of yourself!

The current Clarins Box

A selection of Clarins products combining Beauty and Nature, just for you: take care of yourself, your skin, and the planet.

1 Love Nature Box
= 1$ donated to
the Pur Projet collective

In my Clarins Love Nature Box:

  • SOS Hydra Mask, 2.5 fl. oz
    Toning Lotion - Normal to Dry Skin, 1.7 fl. oz
  • “Tonic” Bath & Shower Concentrate, 1 fl. oz
  • Blue Orchid Oil - Dehydrated Skin, 0.07 fl. oz

The Love Nature Box

$ 45.00

With Clarins, you can be beautiful and responsible at the same time.
See for yourself!

Enter the code inside the guide of your LOVE NATURE BOX to download your planting certificate


You’ve just helped plant trees in the Indonesian rain forest.

Since 2016, Clarins has made a lasting success of its local activity in Indonesia, in the Kopi Lestari region of the island of Sumatra. In partnership with PUR Projet and local populations, the Seeds of Beauty program has helped plant more than 119,296 trees.


Partnering for biodiversity

Seeds of Beauty is one of the biodiversity conservation programs rolled out by Clarins together with the social enterprise PUR Projet and the local populations who benefit from these projects.
The partnership between PUR Projet and Clarins began in 2011 after a meeting between two visionaries sharing a passion for nature: Christian Courtin-Clarins and Tristan Lecomte.
Since 2011, we have planted more than 470,000 trees and shrubs in over 10 projects across the world, and we’re committed to planting more each year.

Our goal?

To improve and preserve soil quality, reduce erosion, increase biodiversity, increase the water holding capacity of soils, and stabilize producers’ revenue.
A virtuous circle in which we are all participating hand-in-hand: You, PUR Projet, local populations, and Clarins.

Clarins and you, together

The Clarins Love Nature Box was created in partnership with PUR Projet, a social enterprise that develops social-environmental projects to regenerate, preserve, and revitalize ecosystems together with local communities.

Your Clarins Boxes

Discover future boxes and rediscover past ones:

  • Clarins Love Nature Box

    • SOS Hydra Mask, 2.5 fl. oz
    • Toning Lotion - Normal to Dry Skin, 1.7 fl. oz
    • “Tonic” Bath & Shower Concentrate, 1 fl. oz
    • Blue Orchid Oil - Dehydrated Skin, 0.07 fl. oz

    Clarins Love Nature Box

    $ 45.00


    The new Clarins Box will amaze you!

  • Clarins Freezing Box

    • Targeted treatments that protect the skin
    • Enriched and delectable formulas you’re going to love
    • Active ingredients that soothe and quench your skin’s thirst
    • Your ‘must-haves’ to have a beautiful winter

    Clarins Freezing Box

    $ 45.00