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Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate becomes
Total Eye Lift


Eyes visibly lifted

With Total Eye Lift eye contour care

Total Eye Lift



Results after just 60 seconds: Eye contour visibly lifted for 80% of women*

Did you know?
With 10,000 blinks a day using 22 muscles, your eyes are just like you: Active, expressive and radiant. Your eyes can brighten up your complexion instantly, but they are also very fragile. The eye contour area is on the front-line fighting UV rays, and with its thin epidermis, lack of hydrolipidic film and poor irrigation, it's the first area to age.

*Satisfaction test - 110 women - 60 seconds after application

Ready, set, go!

Close up on model's eye contour
Close up on model's eye contour


Lifts the eyes. Smooths wrinkles. Restores density to the skin.

Clarins, the eye contour experts, introduces TOTAL EYE LIFT to all women. This exceptional eye contour care combats all factors, restoring radiance to skin at any age. Puffiness and dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, and even firmness! Clarins Laboratories, recognised for their use of active ingredients and experts in plant formulas, have combined precious plant materials in a 94% naturally derived formula to provide an exceptional eye contour care product.

Organic harungana and cassie flower
Organic harungana and cassie flower


Organic harungana extract and cassie wax.

Because you don't have time to waste, Clarins has brought together cassie wax and organic harungana extract to create an instant smoothing-lift effect that challenges the clock.

The cassie wax leaves eyes open and fresh, with the eye contour area cooled and smoothed.

Notice day after day as the organic harungana extract lifts and restores density to the skin. As effective as retinol, but gentler on the skin (*In vitro test on collagen synthesis).

Product application
Product application


Temple-to-temple application

Warm the product between your fingers for a few seconds before applying.
Then, apply it with 3 fingertips on the upper and lower eyelids, using gentle pressure for 5 seconds, massaging from temple to temple.
Apply some pressure between the eyebrows.
Watch as your eyes open up.

See how to apply
Tested and approved by women

Tested and approved by women

Product packaging
Eye contour area zoom

81% Eyes appear more open**

Eye contour area is visibly lifted for 80%
of women**

88% Rested eyes*

80% Improved
appearance of eye

85% Tighter skin*

86% Firmer skin*


Results after just 60 minutes: Eye contour visibly lifted for 80% of women*

*Satisfaction test - 110 women - 60 seconds after application


Organic harungana and cassie flower

Duo of organic harungana extract and cassie wax

For a double lifting and smoothing action


Albizia extract

Helps to prevent puffiness and diminishes the appearance of dark circles.

Organic guarana

Organic guarana extract

Gradually helps to reduce puffiness day by day.

Natural caffeine

Natural caffeine

Helps to visibly reduce puffiness.

Horse chestnut escin

Horse chestnut escin

Helps to reduce the build up of water and pigments that cause dark circles.

Organic shea butter

Organic shea butter

For intense nourishing and an immediate cocooning effect.



For beautiful lashes.

A tree with powerful regenerating benefits, harungana aids reforestation by colonising barren soils in Madagascar and Africa. Since time immemorial, it has been used by local communities for its many therapeutic benefits. Its leaves improve liver function and also have antiseptic and healing benefits, while the orangey-red sap of the plant is used to soothe skin conditions.

Now largely naturalised everywhere in the world, cassia is a bushy shrub. Its yellow pom-pom flowers give off a heavy, mimosa scent and produce an essential oil and absolute that are sought after in the fine fragrance industry. In cosmetics, the wax extracted from cassia flowers is widely esteemed for its protective, filmogenic and smoothing properties.

Native to South East Asia, albizia was introduced to Europe in the 18th century by an Italian botanist, who was captivated by the beauty of this delicate tree. Admired for its ornamental qualities, it rapidly spread throughout Europe and America. During the summer, it bears silky, feathery flowers, earning it the name “silk tree”. It also promotes skin firmness and radiance.

Native of Amazonia, guarana was traditionally cultivated by the Guarani Indians who considered it to be a sacred plant. Guarana already demonstrated stimulating and fortifying properties before being recognised for its anti-oxidant activity.

A shrub cultivated throughout the tropics, the coffee plant produces a fruit that, once ripe, bears two seeds we call coffee beans. The legend of the coffee plant dates back to the Middle Ages. It is said that a Yemeni shepherd, baffled by the unusual energy of his goats, noticed they were feeding on the beans from a mysterious shrub. Intrigued, he brewed some of them and discovered a subtly aromatic, deliciously energising beverage known worldwide today as coffee. The small and fragile arabica coffee plant must to be grown in warm temperatures (never below 15°C) and at a high altitude (between 800 and 1200 metres).

Native to the Balkans and named after Aesculus – the Greek god of medicine and healing – the horse chestnut was renowned in ancient times for its medicinal properties. In the 19th century, a French doctor extolled its efficacy in treating blood circulation problems. Traditionally, horse chestnut extract and horse chestnut escin are recognised for their draining properties, which help improve blood circulation.

The shea tree, King of the African savanna, is a sacred tree, which should never be cut down or damaged. Women are considered its guardians and collect the large nuts that yield shea butter and oil after processing. Traditionally, shea butter and shea oil, which are rich in fatty acids, help nourish and protect the skin. In cosmetics, shea unsaponifiables, the most precious part of shea butter, soothe and protect the skin.

Panthenol's strengthening action is the essential addition to the formula that adds volume to the lashes.... Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

An intelligent texture.

Its light, fresh and soft texture quickly absorbs into the skin when applied using the temple-to-temple massage technique, which was developed to improve its effectiveness.


95% Comfortable texture* 94% Absorbs quickly*

*Satisfaction test
- 110 women - 28 days

Model holding the product in her hand

Eco-designed packaging

Its elegant bright red bottle is made of 25% recycled glass and is 100% recyclable.


Its Airless technology preserves the care-formula's properties from start to finish, right to the last drop.

Model holding the product in her hand

A naturally responsible formula

94% of this effective concentration, packed with plants, is naturally-sourced.


3 plant extracts are produced through organic farming: harungana extract, guarana extract and shea butter.

Model holding the product in her hand

Apply for 5 seconds and see results in 60 seconds

Application video

Total Eye Lift - Under Eye Tightening Cream

Total Eye Lift 15 ml

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$ 105.00