Double Serum

Double Serum

The 8th generation of Clarins’ iconic classic serum continues to surprise!

Continuous innovation

At Clarins, the constant search for excellence takes priority over the race for novelty: innovation and the discovery of new active ingredients dictate the evolution of the skin care ranges. A philosophy that is fully embodied by Double Serum, created in 1985 and of which we are extremely proud to introduce the 8th generation.


Clarins has reinvented its iconic double bottle

The lipidic phase is now placed within the hydric phase. The new dial pump system allows you to customize the amount of product to apply, according to the skin’s needs, the climate and the seasons.

 Small drop

  • Combination to oily skin
  • Warm and humid climates
  • Summer

 Large drop

  • Normal, dry or sensitive skin
  • Cold and dry climate
  • Winter
Double Serum


A surprising sensory experience

The new Double Serum combines the richness of an oil, without the greasy feel, and the melting softness of an ultra-comforting gel. Its texture is suitable for all skin types (even sensitive) of all origins and ages. Its addictive scent, identical to that of the previous generation, provides unrivalled well-being.

Double Serum


Respect for nature.

The new Double Serum has a star-studded plant cast that features both organic and fair trade certified active ingredients in a double bottle designed with the environment in mind.

  • 9 organic active ingredients and 3 fair trade active ingredients
  • Responsible materials: metal has been replaced with a recycled material
  • Waste reduction: the double pump bottle delivers just the right amount of product and prevents overconsumption.
Double Serum


The science of touch.

Discover the application method for the new Double Serum: Clarins’ way to optimise the sensation of well-being.

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