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50 ml

Gentle Care Day Cream

Prevents redness and irritation

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily
Texture: Cream

Comforting anti-pollution cream handles sensitive skin the natural way—with 90% pure plant extracts. Calms redness, irritations, burning and itching caused by external aggressors and internal stress. A rebalancing complex—including Brown Linseed and Christophine—moisturizes, soothes and promotes an even skin tone. Skin easily irritated? Apply over Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate. Skin of all ages.

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50 ml
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Day Cream
Day Cream video
Day Cream Day Cream Day Cream
Day Cream video Day Cream video
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Draining pressure points method Face

-Vegetal complex based on Brown Linseed and Christophine: calms, soothes irritations.

-Green Algae extract: repairs.

-Echium seed oil: moisturizes.

-Vitamin B5 derivative: balances.

-Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex: protect