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Day Creams

Day Creams - Moisturizers that promote radiant skin

The best way to achieve a glowing face with Clarins moisturizers

Eating healthily and staying hydrated — combined with a great skin care regimen — is the best way to achieve glowing skin. At Clarins, we understand the potential of using the best day cream for your skin type as part of your daily skin care routine. Day creams help to protect the skin and create a barrier against harsh environmental factors such as the aging effects of UVA/UVB radiation, and other environmental contaminants. 

Clarins’ day creams are made with the best ingredients to target specific skin care concerns and contain an Anti-Pollution Complex that can help give your skin a fighting chance against the harmful effects of stress and pollution. Whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin, or you’re solely looking for a face cream that can hydrate your skin, we have the best face moisturizers to help take care of your skin gently. Our products are designed with your well-being in mind, using over 250 natural plant extracts. The ingredients in our products are ethically sourced with the greatest attention to protecting our planet’s biodiversity. 

Why should you include a daily moisturizer in your skincare routine?

Genetics, lifestyle choices, and even your skincare routine are the key factors that influence skin aging. By using a day cream created for your skin type, you are helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and the other visible signs of aging later in life. You are also keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized while addressing skin concerns. 

The best face moisturizer for your skin type

For your skin care routine to be most effective, it is important to know your skin type. This will determine what skin care products and ingredients are best for your skin.

Dry skin

To help prevent the loss of moisture through your skin, and to keep it hydrated throughout the day, you will need a powerful moisturizer. Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream - Normal to Dry Skin plumps thirsty skin with precious moisture. It is packed with Organic Leaf of Life extract, a resilient succulent plant that helps to leave skin feeling comfortable, radiant, and hydrated. It also contains Clarins’ Anti-Pollution Complex.

Combination and oily skin

This skin type can be tricky to address as different parts of your face have differing needs. Having combination skin means having oily skin in some areas (usually the T-zone) while the other parts of your face might be dry. Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Cooling Gel - Normal to Combination Skin is a sensorial, non-greasy gel-cream that helps to soothe and restore the skin’s radiance. It is the best face moisturizer if you’re looking for a stunning matte finish.

Oily skin requires moisturizing too because it can become dehydrated. In fact, dehydration could lead to your skin producing even more oil. A lightweight, non-comedogenic (won’t cause pore blockages) and oil-free moisturizer specifically designed for oily skin should be added to your skin care routine.  

Get radiant-looking skin with the best skin care routine

Now that you know your skin type, you should know what day cream formulas are perfect for you. At Clarins, we ensure that your skin is left looking radiant and you’re feeling confident with your optimum face care routine.