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Our exfoliators and masks will reveal smooth skin in no time.

Exfoliators and Masks For Soft, Smooth, and Refined Skin

Reveal clean, polished skin with Clarins’ gentle exfoliators and masks

Exfoliating is a key step in your skin care routine. Dead skin cells build up on the surface layer of your skin, causing it to look dull and accentuating any wrinkles and fine lines. An exfoliating scrub helps your skin feel softer and primes it for the next steps in your beauty regimen.

As skin care experts, our approach to exfoliation is twofold — we create highly effective products to exfoliate the skin by ensuring that they are as gentle as possible while cleansing it.

As with all of our skin care products, Clarins will always use a natural ingredient over a chemical one, if it produces the same effective results. Our exfoliators and masks are no different. Where possible, we have included antioxidant-rich natural ingredients that nourish and soften skin while exfoliation takes place.

So, whether you’re getting ready to put make-up on for a big night out or you're simply going through your usual cleansing routine, we’ve got the best exfoliating products for your face and body, as well as masks to rehydrate and nourish your skin in between.

Clarins’ plant-based exfoliators help to gently remove dirt and other unwanted free radicals from surface skin, to reveal radiant and moisturizer-ready skin underneath.

When should I use an exfoliator?

You should only use an exfoliator once or twice a week to avoid damaging your skin’s hydrolipidic film, which forms a natural protection against the elements and environmental stressors.

Which exfoliator is right for me?

If your skin gets tight and feels dehydrated, then let our Fresh Scrub, with organic Leaf of Life extract, moisturize your thirsty skin for ultimate hydration. If, on the other hand, you have oily skin, then Pure Scrub with Organic Alpine Willow Herb extract should be your go-to exfoliator. Pure Scrub is ideal for oily or combination skin as it mattifies and visibly tightens pores for smooth, even skin.

Dry skin needs a little extra care and that’s where our Comfort Scrub comes in. Infused with Mango Butter, this ultra-nourishing creamy scrub removes impurities while staying kind to your skin.

How to exfoliate?

After cleansing your face with one of our Cleansers, apply your scrub onto damp skin, massaging the product in gentle, circular strokes.

Once you've exfoliated, rinse off with warm water. Now you can use a clean towel or tissue to gently blot (not wipe) your skin dry. Never forget to moisturize afterward!

When should I use a face mask?

You can use a face mask whenever you like, but it usually depends on your skin’s needs. My Clarins RE-CHARGE relaxing sleep mask is the perfect way to pamper your skin while you sleep. If you’re looking for a lift on the go, then our SOS Pure Rebalancing Clay Mask with organic Alpine Willow Herb extract is ideal to help mattify, minimize shine, and reduce the appearance of pores. This mask will have your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and glowing in a matter of minutes.

If you’re in a rush but know that your skin needs intense hydrating, then try our SOS Hydra Mask. Enriched with ultra-quenching Organic Leaf of Life extract, this mask will hydrate and plump your skin while visibly smoothing out fine lines in just 10 minutes. Prepare for hours of locked in moisture for luscious skin in no time at all.

Our SOS Comfort Nourishing Balm Mask is the ideal partner for soft, comfortable, and radiant skin. In just 10 minutes, this Wild Mango Butter enriched mask smoothes, softens and nourishes skin, while protecting it from further dehydration. Organic Green Banana and Lemon Thyme extracts make Clarins’ Extra-Firming Mask a soothing, nourishing addition to any quick skin care regime. Visibly firm and smooth stress lines, minimize wrinkles and revive radiance with this delectable anti-aging mask—a Clarins first.

If you’re looking for a boost, then the Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum Mask with organic Harungana will visibly replenish, lift, plump, and restore your skin’s radiance in just 15 minutes.

Put your best face forward every day with Clarins.