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Responsible Beauty

Ingredients sourced from fair trade, eco-initiatives...
For Clarins, nothing is more beautiful than nature. Find out how we are helping protect nature.

Environmental Responsibility

Highly concerned about the impact that its activities have on the environment, Clarins is committed to extracting the benefits from each plant without damaging ecosystems and giving back to Nature what it first took.


Social Responsibility

Health and well-being for all, education and helping children, and biodiversity conservation are the top three areas targeted by Clarins’ long-term initiatives.


Economic Responsibility

As a global player in the cosmetics sector, the brand is proud of its expansion, proud of having created products that revolutionized the history of cosmetics, and proud of showing that financial gain is not its only motivation.


Responsible Innovation

Clarins believes in progress and in mankind's ability to find clever solutions for a desirable and viable future for all.