Skin Spa

Established in the whole world, Skin Spas Clarins are thought as spaces of relaxation where you will take care of you the whole time, and escape to benefit from the face and body treatment provided by the expert and professional beauty therapists.


Plants. Our science.

Plants, and their most effective benefits, are in the middle of Clarins expert testimony. Our researchers mobilize all the resources of science to find the most powerful plant benefits and to create quality products of vegetal origin, purity and effectiveness. Each Clarins formula is the fruit of innovating research with proven effectiveness, carried out in our Laboratories.


60 years of experience

Our products and techniques of application are the results of more than 60 years of dialogue with our clients. The Clarins Care is absolutely amazing. They associate the effectiveness of the “Clarins Touch” - an exclusive ultra-powerful Method 100% manual associated with the extracts of pure plants and essential oils. Result: an exclusive sensorial experience.


Relaxation, Harmony, Balance

At the Skin Spa Clarins, discover that you are unique, that your beauty and your wellness are our priority and that we pay attention to all your needs and your comfort. This ultra-accessible beauty space, created for you, is a place of escape where you will be able to energize while enjoying the treatments under the care of the professional ‘expert’ beauty therapists.

Exclusive formulas ClarinsPRO

The ClarinsPRO products integrate the last discoveries of Clarins Research as regards plants, and its more recent scientific innovations. Conceived to be used only during Clarins Care, they profit from textures developed to adapt to the expert hands of our aestheticians and to sublimate your experiment. These highly effective formulas make it possible the treatments to be completely personalized and to offer visible results immediately.