How should I apply my eye make-up?

1. A little make-up takes your eyes to the next level

Make-up enhances your eyes and pulls together any look. A few simple techniques are all you need for magnetic, mysterious, bright or glamorous eyes. Play around with powders, pencils and mascaras to experiment with different looks to go with your style and personality.

2. Five steps to stunning eye make-up

How do I apply eye make-up with perfect results? Start by pampering your eye contour area. This fragile area needs to be moisturized and protected before you apply any make-up. Next, apply eyeshadow and define your eyes by subtly lining your lower and upper lash lines. For a more intense effect, reach for the Graphik Ink eye liner. If you're all about the color, choose an eyeshadow to go with your outfit of the day. Experiment with contrast, shadow and light depending on your mood. temptress eyes, treat yourself to the essentials in the Smoky Eyes set. Work on your lashes, too: The SUPRA VOLUME MASCARA adds extra density, while the WONDER PERFECT 4D MASCARA

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