How do I know if my skin is sensitive?

1. What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is delicate skin with lower tolerance levels. Temperature changes, stress, pollution, sunshine and unsuitable cosmetic products are all enough to throw sensitive skin off balance. Whether dry, combination or oily, sensitive skin is quick to show when it is unhappy.

2. Sensitive skin tells it like it is

When sensitive skin sends out an SOS, it never feels good! It can start burning, flushing, or tingling, and it becomes tight and feels rougher to the touch. Sensitive skin needs to be rehydrated to restore its cutaneous barrier, protective properties, radiance and beauty.

3. Morning routines for sensitive skin

You need to take your sensitive skin into account when putting together your beauty routine and choosing the right products. Start by gently cleansing before applying a lotion tailored to your skin type. Finish off with the Gentle Day Cream. Its creamy texture, re-balancing formula and anti-pollution action make it perfect for highly sensitive skin types. In seconds, your sensitive skin is left protected and hydrated, with redness soothed.

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